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If you are a previous reader of DynamicVb.Net you may be wondering what is going on around here. Well here is the scoop. I started this website as a tutorial type site for the popular Asp.Net open source project DotNetNuke and rand it for a number of years offering tutorials and tips for that platform. At the time I was one of the first core team members for DNN and I spent a lot of my spare time working on the project.

Well as time went along I lost interest in volunteering all my time on the project, plus my day job changed from one of developer to a manager, so my interests changed. As a result when I did update DynamicVB.net it was to provide some information on technology and the posts moved further and further from being related to anything DotNetNuke.

Since I had basically turned the site into a technology blog, it just makes sense for me to utilize a real blog platform for this task. Which is the reason you now see this site using WordPress on Lamp, rather than Asp.Net on a Windows platform. I considered just selling the name ( I own all three of the main variants: DynamicVB.com, DynamicVB.Net, and DynamicVB.org), but I do like the name so  I’m not sure if I would want to do that.

I would just utilize DynamicVB.com for this endeavor, but since most of my web links and page rank are pointed towards DynamicVB.net then I decided to just keep  using it. I’ll probably build out the other two into something else. The .com variant would probably rank better in the SE’s, but then I would lose the PR on this domain. I’m not sure if Google will transfer PR if you do a 301 redirect or not, so that is something I will need to research.

As part of this move, I’ll be transferring some of the articles from the old DNN database here and hopefully I will have time in the next few weeks to make that happen. I’ll probably start to move this site away from DotNetNuke type information into other technology areas such as Silverlight. I still utilize DotNetNuke in quite a few sites I manage, but this will no longer be one of those sites.

I always have a decent amount of time off from the day job around Christmas so I’ll try to use some of that time for that task.

Anyway I’m not dead, just changing direction.

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