Suse 10 Enterprise Server

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Novell has announced the pending release of SUSE 10 Enterprise Server. Overall the features look very promising. This system will come with Security built in and also allows for Server Virtualization with an integrated System Management interface. This are some much needed features and I believe this is the first time a Linux Distribution comes with the Server virtualization built into the system. This should be very cool. I’m not positive how the licensing works yet, but imagine this. Buy one Enterprise Linux server and put it on something like a Dell 2850 with 4 processors and 8 Gigs of Ram. Then install several copies of SUSE Professional and give each department a server of their very own, well as far as they know its their very own server. I’ll be looking into the features here more soon.

I know VMWare has released free versions of their Server Virtualization product VMWare Server. I’m wondering if Novel is making this move because of the free version VMWare is now offering. This may turn out to be an interesting sector to keep a watch on and see what else develops.