DotNetNuke versus Sharepoint Portal

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I ran across a blog post today that I can’t believe I have missed Bil Simser put together a fairly decent comparison between the functionality of DotNetNuke and Sharepoint. While Bil points out that both have their own strengths and weaknesses it would seem that DNN came out on top in most areas. Really the only section where DotNetNuke lost out is in the area of Office integration. I’ve been playing a little with SharePoint Services for a couple of weeks now and I totally agree with him on this point as the Office integration is very useful and pretty well thought out in SharePoint. In DNN it is just not there. I have not even seen a third party module or private assembly that provides this functionality although that does not mean one does not exist as I’m constantly finding new modules for DNN that I did not know about previously.

The one point I would make is there just does not seem to be a lot of resources out there for SharePoint either in the web part area or in themes. As someone who jsut recently started looking at SharePoint I have found the examples out on the web lacking. I can find quite a bit of information from vendors who will sell me a webpart but good documentation with examples of how to create one does not seem to be around. Now this may be that I have not just asked Google the correct question yet, but I still have not found a lot of info on how to program webparts.

Overall, Bil did a great job here and while he may have gotten a little of the history wrong his comparison is solid. You can read it for yourself at

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Microsoft Releases source code for Asp.Net 2.0 providers

Scott Guthrie has posted the Microsoft has released the Asp.Net 2.0 providers as source code. These include the Membership, Role Management, Site Navigation, Session State, Profile, Web Events, and Web Part Personalization providers. There has also been quite a few pages of documentation that have been developed and I look forward to reading through the documentation and finally understanding how these providers function. You can read about the release of this source code over at Scott’s blog.

The source is released under a permissive license that allows you to modify the source and release it with your applications. I’m wondering what implications this will have for applications such as CS or DotNetNuke which both use the membership providers that was back ported for Asp.Net 1.1. This could provide some advantages with both these applications as the provider can now modified to meet their individual needs and should allow both these projects to deliver a more robust membership provider that benefits the customers of these applications.

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MSBuild Extras Toolkit for Asp.Net 1.1

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve recently found myself switching back and forth between Visual Studio 2003 and Visual Studio 2005 since I’m working on applications written in both Asp.Net 2.0 and Asp.Net 1.1. Most of the applications I’m working with right now are written in Asp.Net 1.1 and I’m not ready to update those components yet. In fact I’m not sure if I will ever update some of these as the are coming to the end of their life anyway. I will still need to support these apps and perform maintenance on the code even if I never add another feature.

I would prefer to just start working totally with VS2005 since it does have quite a few enhancements to the workflow that VS2003 does not contain. Well this has not really been possible until now. Enter MSBuild Toolkit for Asp.Net 1.1. I have not tried the component yet but their is a project over at GotDotNet workspaces that claims to allow you to build Asp.Net 1.1 projects using VS2005. I’m not sure how well it works yet, but I will be trying it soon. According to the project page: Since the release of MSBuild in .NET Framework 2.0, a very frequent customer request has been to provide a means for MSBuild to build .NET 1.1 applications. This demand stems from users who want to use Visual Studio 2005 and .NET 2.0 but need to continue servicing customers who use .NET 1.1.

MSBuild Extras – Toolkit for .NET 1.1 “MSBee” is an addition to MSBuild that allows developers to build managed applications in Visual Studio 2005 that target .NET 1.1. MSBee is a member of Power Toys for Visual Studio, developed by the Developer Solutions Team. Since it is built by the Microsoft Development Team, I’m sure it works as advertised so this may prove a good method for helping me to simply my development life a little. Look for the MSBee project at GotDotNet for more information.

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