Don’t Get a Job

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It’s been at least an year since I found Steve Pavlina’s excellent blog and read his post on why you should never get a job. I totally agreed with Steve’s assessment of how it was more risky to depend upon a certain person for your lively hood and quite a few other points that I could not do justice so if you want the rest then read his blog post.

Even though I agreed with Steve, I did not really think it was all the pertinent to me. After all I had already gotten a job so it was definitely too late for me not to get one. I’ve been working since I was fourteen and working on Hollace Carter’s farm in the afternoon. For the past eight years or so I’ve been employed in a state position and I’m safe, right? No wrong.

I’ve seen the current trend of outsourcing tech jobs to other countries, but this would never affect me because after all I work for the state and even bad employees get to keep their jobs in the state. I’m a good employee. I’m good at my job and I do everything that is asked. Well I’ve been living in a fantasy world, because I have not been safe either. This came home to me earlier this week when the Governor announced a new initiative to outsource all the tech positions within Georgia within ten months. This will mean approximately 1100 workers will lose their current position and either retire, move to the outsourcing company, or be eliminated. Guess what I’m one of those 1100. I could go into all the reasons why I think this would be a mistake, but to dispute the logic behind the move would be a futile exercise.

I’m not old enough to retire and I’m not crazy about working for an outsourcing company. If I move then I lose the retirement and seniority I have built up over the years. I have turned down many jobs over the years, just because I wanted to vest in the retirement plan. I turned down an interview one day before this announcement that could have meant a position with a hundred thousand yearly salary( I’m not making $100K currently), but I thought it may not be a good move. Hindsight would tell me that I probably should have taken the interview.

Steve Pavlina would say this is all a result of the manifestation of my desire to quit my day job. Thinking about it then Steve may be on to something. I do not really want to work for anyone any longer and I could view this announcement as a motivator to accomplish my goals. I have a few sites in my portfolio that have some potential for growth and higher earning power. I also have several domain names registered for ideas that I’ve never gotten off the ground. I can use the next ten months building up those sites to a point where they would allow me to support my family utilizing only the web. In my previous post I never posted a timeline, but I had a timeline of one year to realize my goals. Its Ironic that the Governor announced this would be in place by October of next year. If you read the date on my previous post then I made that post in November. Perhaps this is divine intervention setting the date for me.