Evolution of Business Practices using technology

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I witnessed a presentation given by a Microsoft engineer on the effects of increasing expectations on Information Infrastructure. The presentation was very insightful and further gives focus to what Microsoft is doing in its mission to connect the information worker. If you think about it there are basically 6 issues that face organizations today in the area of information technology management. These challenges can be found in almost any organization regardless of the vertical industry they are located in. These technology issues include:

  • Securing and Scaling an ever increasing amount of content.
  • Universal system access across a wide band of technology platforms.
  • Interoperability of platforms across a range of technology.
  • Users expect connected communication and collaboration between their peers.
  • Personalized data access no matter what the method of access whether its mobile or the user is in their office environment.
  • Integrated workflow and process management.

Now there may be unique needs in each vertical market, but mostly all information technology systems. Users are increasingly demanding access to this type of information and as IT managers and leaders it is our job to provide these resources. The problem comes in with effectively making all these disparate systems share information in an easy way. The preferred method is using XML technologies since XML is about data and the source of that data is not important as long as you can accurately describe the data.

Most users have problems learning many different user interfaces and ever interface the user uses reduces their productivity. This could be referred to as user pain. Its painful for users to have to switch between these various systems. In order to gain the most ROI on our technology investments we need to provide methods for users to do their work in a variety of systems and pull and push data to these systems. The method for doing this is XML and web services. There are many companies that are doing just this. They connect to Oracle Databases, PeopleSoft, or SAP backends all from the same interface. They companies that have created these types of interfaces receive much better ROI on their technology systems and as a result gain a more competitive advantage over their competitors.

I would suggest that companies who do not start to think in terms of trying to pull these systems together to allow better collaboration between the employees of their companies will have a difficult time competing in the coming years. This is one of the reasons you should be implementing systems that conform to standards for XML and web services. If the systems you are purchasing follow standards then you will have a easier time of integrating it with other systems when the time comes. In fact since the goal is to integrate systems should be your goal you should think in terms of how a particular system will interact in regards to the other systems you already have an investment at the onslaught of the purchasing process. This should not just be considered for shrink wrapped applications but also systems that you develop your self or have custom programmed for your business. These are some of the items you need to consider as you prepare your business for the evolution of business using technology.

Recovering your data with Data Recovery

Looking for the best data recovery software can be a real nightmare when you have just lost, seemingly irretrievably, much of your work. But if you don’t panic and look carefully for the best solution, than very often it is possible to retrieve much if not all of your lost data. There are many software packages out there that can help with this process as long as you take the correct steps initially The right software can enable you to not only retrieve files that you have unintentionally deleted, but also, in some cases, data that has been lost due to a virus attack. The key for most of these programs to work is to not allow any more writing to the disk in question. A good program for data that has been accidentally deleted is Undelete. It has been used hundreds of times to recover data that has been deleted by the act of a person.

One of the key things in choosing the right software, is to know how the data was lost. Whether it was due to a virus, a mistake on your part, or even a hardware failure, so that you can decide which is the best data recovery method to use.

If you are quick enough, it is possible that you will not even need the data recovery software. When data is deleted it is not always trashed straight away. The operating system will change the file so that it won’t be displayed when you’re looking for it

If you can find this gap in the system before the computer uses it for something else, then it is possible to simply undelete it and the file will reappear with all your data. This way you can avoid the need for data recovery software and you should be back in business

The trick is to be very quick and find the gap in the system before doing too much other work, as this, especially if your hard drive has got very little unused space, may cause the computer to use the gap for something else. If you have not noticed the loss, and the computer has used it, then probably your best chance is in using some good quality data recovery software or service

Another problem can arise if you decide to repair the drive by defragging the computer, before you have a chance to try any data recovery. You probably will not lose all of it, but it is possible to lose some of it, as when you defrag it can cause some of the files to be overwritten

Of course even if you only lose one or two small files by doing this, chances are they will be the most important ones! So it is best to try to get to grips with your data recovery before doing any defragging. Even if you are not actively running this application, you should think whether you have preprogrammed to defrag the disc at specific intervals. So if you think you have lost any data, it is always best to try and recover it before doing anything else. That way you have a much better chance of success with your data recovery.

Finding a Cheap Asp.Net Host for Web Hosting

Well I’ve been looking at various Asp.Net hosting plans that past few weeks. I never realized just how many cheap asp.net web hosting solutions there where out on the net. Needless to say I have been spending a lot of times on these various Asp.Net Hosting company’s web sites and I’m now more confused than when I started. I’m not going to mention any direct names as I’m sure most of these hosting companies offer good solutions.

The problem I have is its hard to decide. The hosting company I am currently on is very good, but I want to launch a new site for my wife so I want something that gives decent performance for DotNetNuke applications and I would also like to install a copy of community server in another site. So I definitely need a MSSQL server enabled account with the ability to host multiple domains. This is not always easy to find at an affordable price. I need to keep the cost cheap since these are pretty much hobby type sites and I only try to earn enough to pay the hosting fees with the advertising on the sites. I don’t think my wife is going to let me put any advertising on her site so I need something that won’t break the bank.

I’ve also found several cheap asp.net dedicated hosting plans that I may consider, but I will need to generate a lot more traffic before this is feasible. There are a lot of companies which offer various asp.net hosting web solutions using a dedicated hosting or virtual private server, but most of these only allow one MSSQL database per account. This does not really work if I want multiple applications running in the same asp.net hosting account. So I guess I’m stuck with a shared hosting solution until I can build up enough traffic to pay for my own dedicated host that offers multiple MSSQL databases. The problem here is most are not a cheap hosting solution and I really don’t want to get into paying a lot of money ever month for hosting these hobby sites. Well the search continues.