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I ran across a site today that seems interesting,, and may prove useful to me. I usually have a lot going on and I have appointments dealing with several different entities. I use my Outlook calendar extensively for this and I just download my meeting appointments to my Motorola 930 phone. This works okay, but the issue comes in when these appointments range from a class to some meeting at work with a vendor, or meet with an outside client to attending my kid’s soccer game.

Its not always practical for me to put everything on my work calendar, not to mention the fact that its not good business since ethics dictate that I keep my personal business endeavors totally separate from my day job. I always try to keep all these items separate, but that makes it difficult for me to keep track since I have to check several different locations to determine my schedule for the day.

Well looking at planzo it may provide a solution to my scheduling woes. The application is built using Ajax which has been around for a while but is just starting to be incorporated into a lot of applications on the web. This application boost some very interesting features including an API so you can implement it in your applications. May be a good use for a DotNetNuke module. Below are the main features from the planzo site. I will be trying these out and will post on my findings soon.

What’s so great about Planzo’s calendar?

  • Share your calendar everywhere
    • Share your events on your blog, webpage, AOL Instant Messenger, and more
    • We provide all the code, you just cut-and-paste
  • Easy to use
    • One click event creation, move events by drag-and-drop.
      The way web calendar was supposed to be
    • Planzo’s interface makes adding events easy! Directly click on
      your calendar and start typing in an event. It’s that simple.
  • Tons of features
    • Daily Digest: E-mail your day’s events to you every morning
    • SMS: Text message events and reminders to your cell phone
    • Share Events: Share your events with friends on Planzo
    • Privacy: Complete control over who can see your events
    • Look and Feel: Customize the look of your Planzo calendar
    • New features added daily. Tell us what features YOU want!
  • Latest Technology
    • AJAX, RSS, Web 2.0, XML, SMS
  • API Available
  • And More!
    • Figure out when to plan events. You can see what your friends are up to on one calendar
    • Share photos, files, bookmarks and text snippets with our Notebook feature
    • Make a To-Do list for yourself with our To-Do list feature
  • Free! :)
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