Microsoft just can’t win with the EU

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I read an article today that made me just shake my head. In 2004 MS lost its Anti Trust case in the EU and was forced to pay thousands of Euros in fines and told to make it so rival companies such as Samba or other open source initiatives which provide file sharing services to Windows machines to provide better interconnectivity. Well the EU said MS did not do a good enough job of creating documentation for the API they provided, so MS agreed to open up its source code to individuals who licensed their Windows Server software which should help those developers do a better job of making the connections between Windows and their software.

Well that’s not good enough either since now the EU is saying this is a poisoned honey pot and that software developers should not take MS up on this offer as it will only lead to Microsoft claiming IP infringement and allow them to take over those companies as the companies integrate their software with Windows. Seems to me like Microsoft just can’t seem to win. Maybe Bill needs to gather a group of Project Managers and Developers from Redmond and just send them on over to the EU so they can fix the code in these applications.

Any way this is an interesting read, If you are interested then take a look at

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