Gaming With The Nexus S

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The first way the soon to be available Nexus S will make future gamers happy is through the sheer speed of the machine. This is one fast smart phone. Many users who have tested the device have already stated  that it is one of the fastest devices they have used.

This makes sense since Google made a lot of tweaks to the newest version of their operating system, Gingerbread, to make it a better experience to use Android on a smart phone. Add the speedy little Cortex hummingbird processor that clocks in at 1 GHz, and you’ve got the makings of a smart and fast little phone. While the Nexus S won’t make you a master gamer overnight, there’s something to be said for having a smart phone that makes things easier instead of harder.

The redesigned interface is easier to navigate through. People have reported that moving around the handset from page to page feels slick, fluid, easy, and natural. This translates to gaming, as when you are playing something like Tetris or Super Mario, you don’t want the success of your gaming dependent on whether you’re smart phone decides to lag on you at the most inopportune times or not. Similarly, the keyboard that comes with the Nexus S is a digital one, but it is a slick little keyboard that responds quickly to user input and makes it feel more like a tactile keyboard without the space it takes up.

With all these modifications designed to make the Nexus S a better smart phone, it’s no surprise that gamers have caught on that this is one smart phone to pick up for a better gaming experience. Beyond this, a host of Nexus S accessories have already sprung up by manufacturers who realize that this is a smart phone that people will want accessories for. Accessories such as a Nexus S case or a backup Nexus S battery are great options for people who want to be able to use their smart phones while on the go without having to worry about protecting them from injury or running out of energy.

Of course, you might also want things like an extra charger so you can charge your smart phone in your truck or car, but even if you do pick one of those up, having an extra battery or two handy can be a lifesaver in the odd situation where you really need to talk or game but just don’t have a charger nearby to make it happen.