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There is a blog post at which discusses a new concept or at least one I have not heard about yet in the way people view webpages.

Right now they are not accepting sign ups so I’m not positive exactly how this works, but it would appear that you enter in the subject you are searching for and the system will pull in content form RSS feeds and other boxxet users and allow you to build a page on the subject you are interested in researching.

I see this as possibly a cool technology for researching data, but I’m curious as to what harm something like this may do to webmasters and if there are any copyright infringements with such a system. I’m not sure if the system utilizes any screen scrapping techniques or if its just feeds, but I would think this is something like Data mining for the web. It seems like it may be a cool technology and I’ll be looking into it closer once I can create an user account and try it our for myself.

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