Google Launches new trend tool

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Google has launched a new tool from Google Labs. The tool is Google trends and I cna see it may come in very handing for investigating trends on the Internet. I’m pretty sure the statistics where taken from Google’s database which should give a good representation of the types of searches people are doing throughout the net since Google pretty much owns the search engine market.

I’ve been playing with this for a while and I thought I would find out how popular the term DNN was for searching for DotNetNuke related information. People tend to search more for DotNetNuke than they do for DNN, but the terms are fairly consistent.And you can see from the graph how one relates to the other as they both have the same peaks and valleys

Comparing the searches for DNN and DotNetNuke may suggest that the open source application may be losing some it its steam. The graph goes back until 2004 and you can even see when the term DNN was coined for referring to DotNetNuke. The search terms have receive an ever growing percentage of searches with a huge spike in 2005 around the time DNN 2.0 came on the scene. This would lend credibility that the skinning features introduced in this version improved DotNetNuke’s market position.

The application is still growing in searches, but it has tapered off since around the end of the third quarter in 2005 and it is showing a steady search percentage for the terms but it is not growing as it once was.

I also ran comparisons between DotNetNuke and Community Server and DNN does still seem to be outpacing Community Server in the amount of people searching for information. This is not really a good test since Community Server only has search terms going back to the first part of 2005 and it is considerably less than DNN was at that time. If we had the data for when DNN was first launched, I would not be surprised if we had similar results for DotNetNuke as what CS is showing now.

Anyway this is a pretty cool little app and I’m sure many people will find all sorts of uses for it. you can view searches by regions and my personal favorite you can link news stories to searches. I was comparing as many things as I could so I decided to look for the term avian bird flu. Google’s trending application showed me the trend of searches for Bird flu, but it also showed me related news stories on the subject. You can see a definite correlation between when a news story on this subject breaks and the amount of searches on the subject. Many times there was a spike when a news story breaks just to see the searches tailor off in the days after the story.You can find the application at