APC InfrastruXure

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I’ve been looking at the range of products from American Power Corporation lately with the purpose of upgrading our data center into the 21st century. When our Data Center was initially built we only had 5 servers and less than 200 PC’s now we are sporting close to 100 servers and 2500 PC’s in several different locations. The battery backup solution that I currently have in place is woefully inadequate for the power the data center consumes. I really need to expand the batteries in the data center and I really need a backup generator for the data center.

Initially the Data Center was built out of an old classroom which was never really wired to support computers. The cooling system is older than I am( Won’t tell how old but its old) and the electrical panel just does not have any more room to grow. In the last few years we have added on several more buildings and more buildings are in the works. So we are going to have to do something to accommodate this growth. American Power Corporation to the rescue

We’ve been a customer of APC for years, but at a much smaller scale. I saw their InfrastruXure system at a trade show a while back and I was immediately impressed. This solution allows you to really manage all the facets of your Data Center’s infrastructure and allows detailed monitoring of power levels to each server and it will notify you of issues with the system. This feature alone should make the cost of the system justified since it should help me to ensure I get the most life out of our servers. But more importantly it will allow for better protection of the college’s data

Right now I’m looking to go with a hot cold aisle configuration which I understand makes the best use of cooling resources and gives the most bang for the buck. I will need to move the current Data Center to a new location to limit downtime. As details become available about the specific equipment we will be installing I will update info and hopefully provide some before and after screen shots. Now I just need to go beg for 400,000 dollars to make it happen.

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