Must Have Business Apps for the Motorola Droid X

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Business applications are readily available for the Motorola Droid X cell phone. These applications or apps cover all aspects of a businessman’s or businesswoman’s needs and are as important as any Motorola Droid X accessories. This article will discuss some of the top and most essential business apps that are available on the Android Marketplace.

Travel support is readily available. Tripit will help take care of all your travel needs. It will keep track of your trips including flights, hotels, cabs, car rentals, maps, points of interest, restaurants and business locations. It has a calendar to help you keep track of upcoming trips. You can make reservations through this site or track ones your company has made for you. Tripit will also keep a log of past trips so you have a travel record for any given year. Cab4Me is an application that can help you locate the nearest cab, which on business trips can be really handy. You can schedule transportation using this app and not have to spend time waiting or fighting for your ride. Best of all, this app is free.

Applications that can support business applications are also quite useful. Evernote allows you to take notes and record business meetings. It will download the information to most other devices including other cell phones, iPads and notebooks. You can also save important files to this site so that you will have access to them through your cell phone if you have issues with your laptop not working or being accessible on the road. Evernote can handle photo and web page uploads as well. mShare allows you to transfer files between one device and another. Files can also be transferred from your phone to a computer.

ALOQA the entire local services within the current location of your cell phone. This neat little application will show you where you can find any local McDonald’s, Coffee shop, restaurant or even gas stations. This app allows the user to feel more comfortable in foreign places. Using your cell phone’s location the app Locale manages your cell phone. It tells you who is calling, allows you to schedule quiet times for meetings and will turn your phone off automatically during movies. It will also tell you when your phone needs to be recharged. Why waste time trying to manage your cell phone by yourself?

Google Goggles from Google lets you aim the Droid at a building or landmark and, viola! This app will then provide any contact information of that building. With this app, you will always know your facts. Left over yearnings from my Scouting days drove me to include this app Google Sky Map. This also makes for a perfect hobby while traveling. I like to track the changes in the stars when I travel and this app is a great help. It also gives you something to talk about at business gatherings that shouldn’t be too political and will be of interest to most people if only briefly.

What if your phone is lost or stolen? WaveSecure will allow you to find the location of the phone if it is misplaced or stolen. If the “new owner” tries to remove the Sim card, it will shut the phone down and save your Motorola Droid X Case and phone from damage by the new owner. Yay team! My Backup Pro will back up the data on you cell phone. It may sound silly, but like any other computer, backing up the system is important and may save your behind some day. This is a necessary Motorola Droid X screen protector.