What New Devices Will We All Want In 2011

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2011 is going to be a year full of new technological devices which will please anyone who likes that sort of thing. Here are just some of the new devices that will be must have items in 2011. Unless you have some of these devices then there are many who will think that you are slightly outdated.


- The 3D television will probably be the main sensation that we are going to see this year. These days, you really are not getting the most from at home entertainment unless you have a 3D television because they really have improved so much over the last few years. Currently those with 3D televisions need to wear glasses to get the 3D effect but in the coming months it is likely that we will see new 3D televisions introduced which will not require us to wear these glasses at all.


- There are many people who are claiming that Apple are going to see a huge challenge from Google Android devices in 2011. The Nexus One smart phone is a fantastic device that is sure to be a huge hit over the coming months. Don’t be surprised if this phone or one of the next Android devices actually becomes more popular than the iPhone.


- This year there will be plenty of other tablet devices appearing on the market which will more than likely pose a challenge to the iPad which is currently leading the way. This is a format that people have taken to quickly and there may well be new technology that blows the rest out of the water.


- HD media is continuing to increase and this year might be when it really takes over. We can also expect Blu Ray to increase its market share as more of us demand higher quality videos the end of the DVD could well be in the not so distance future. And with cinema trips costing a small fortune for a family, it will be no surprise that people will prefer to stay at home and watch a movie instead.


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Tweeting with the TV – The Future of Multifunctional Technology

For work and entertainment, the personal computer continues to be a key part of our daily lives. But as we make our first steps into the twenty-first century, quite a few humble household objects are being transformed into lean, mean, multi-tasking machines of the future.

In recent years technology manufacturers have designed HDTVs with Ethernet and Wi-Fi allowing you to connect to the Internet wit your TV. This offers various kinds of multimedia functionality. Computer hardware manufacturers have been building high-resolution screens for numerous years but until recently they were too expensive for the home and personal market. However, production costs inevitably lower and HDTVs can now be found in many houses.

Technological advances mean consumer demands also increase which means manufacturers incorporate even more new functions. Televisions (are also involved in this process. Considering the number of devices and gadgets we are exposed to daily, streamlining our lives has become an alluring selling point for technology companies. Telephones used to only feature calls and nothing else, but you can now access the Internet, take pictures and play games. The Internet has been integral for advancing technology.

Online websites are itching to take advantage of this new marketplace. You can now even access online television streaming and popular websites such as Youtube, all through a humble television. However, more and more services (such as online book marking and social networks) will undoubtedly be available soon. Imagine being able to save your bookmarks and access them all without turning on your computer. Personalization and customization continue to be important features of the Internet. Imagine being able to design, build and publish a personalized homepage and then access it by a button on the remote control called “my home page“.

Whilst many people enjoy the convergence of functions into one multi-functional gadget, some people do not like them. Reasons range from wanting to “switch off and get away from being constantly connected to the world” to just wanting to “use the TV as a form of escapism”.

Ultimately, a modern day laptop can do a much better job at providing online connections. But the magic is within discovering new functionalities in traditional objects such as the new TVs.

The question arises: should manufacturers embrace innovation or stick with tradition? Is this a worrying indication of the encroachment of technology into every part of our lives?

Making Extra Cash From Devices You Don’t Want Anymore

A lot of people will have some electronic devices in their homes that they don’t use anymore because they have replaced them with newer items. These unwanted items are usually just gathering dust, and this is a real pity. However it may be possible for you to make some spare cash from these unwanted devices provided you know what you are doing. Here are a few ideas for how you can go about doing just this.


- The first place that a lot of people will look when they want to buy second hand items is eBay. Becoming a merchant is not difficult and this type of service is easy to use. This is one of the most popular ways of buying and selling second hand items these days.


- There are other online services such as Craig’s list where you should be able to sell your unwanted devices. If you have a website or blog you might even want to let your visitors know that you have something to sell this approach can work really well if you have a lot of followers. Social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter are often used by people who want to sell old items.


- Many people will just try to sell their items online because it is so easy but to ignore the selling opportunities in the offline world is a big mistake. So many people still never use the internet but these people could be looking for devices just like the ones you have for sale. Stick up an advertisement in your local shop and let your friends and family know that you have something to sell. You could actually find that somebody that you know wants to buy one of your old items.


The above are just a few ways that you can try to sell old unwanted devices and make a bit of cash doing so.


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