Cheap Offsite Backup Software

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How secure is your backup plan for home and also business PCs?

Usually people when asked if it is important to backup a PC said yes, yet common knowledge is not always acted upon. Many those who presently backup do so because they have learned the hard way about a loss of information or a hardware malfunction in the past, or know a person who has. The risks of information loss have never been huger. Viruses, spyware, malware and risk of hardware failure continues to increase as hackers and criminals become more sophisticated.  In order to be certain that information is protected, it’s vital to have a backup software system and other safeguards to thwart viruses and spyware.

Most would concur that both an onsite and an offsite backup software solution makes sense. There are plenty choices of companies offering file and folder backup services. Companies such as Symantec, Mozy, Baraccuda and so forth. The advantage of this type of offsite backup service is that it is cheap but a huge disadvantage is that the services are usually limited to files such as documents, images etc and not to the whole operating system, personal settings, programs/installed software and so forth. So in the event of a computer/server crash it would be tough to restore a computer to its pre-crash state.

A solution such as StorageCraft’s ShadowProtect can backup the whole hard drive and take super quick incremental backups as often as every 15 minutes, so that in the event that information is lost as little as one file or as much as the entire system can be restored. ShadowProtect can even restore the backup image to an totally different computer hardware or even to a virtual environment. ShadowProtect’s offsite backup solution has received PC Magazine’s editors choice award as well as numerous other industry awards for its speed and reliability.