Learn About Various Mafia Wars Strategies

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Mafia Wars, which was created by Zynga, is a multiplayer browser game.  You could pick from three different classes in this game namely, the Maniac, the Mogul, and the Fearless. Everytime you obtain skill points you can add five different stats. This includes Attack, Defense, Health, Energy and Stamina. There are many types of mafia wars strategies in successfully playing the game Mafia Wars. Let’s concentrate on leveling, fighting and gaining money.  Don’t worry about looking for Mafia War cheats – there are none!


Putting all available skill points into stat Energy is by far the most popular mafia wars strategy. What you should do is to use up all your energy and you can do that by doing jobs. Jobs with the highest experience to energy ratio are encouraged. It is also advised to become a Maniac. The class type Maniac enables you to regenerate energy faster. Request Energy Packs among your friends who are also playing this game. It will help you to level-up effectively. Make sure you use all your energy before using an Energy Pack, and check to make certain you are not close to leveling. Once you are certain of that, you can use the Energy Pack to restore your energy to 125% of your normal energy.


In this strategy you should put all of your available skill points into Attack and Defense equally. For example, if I have 20 skill points onto Attack, I should have 20 skill points onto Defense. Mafia size is a significant element in this game, so if you are playing Mafia Wars on facebook, just go to the fan page to meet many people who will be willing to add you to their Mafia. There are lots of ways, you can visit forums, invite your friends, ask people on yahoo answers, and many others. You need to have more than 500 members in your mafia. Chain Guns, Body Armor and Town Cars are also essential. You can then start adding some stamina when you’ve built up enough Attack and Defense. You can fight more people if you do this. You should not attempt to fight mafias with much larger members than you. You will most likely loose. You should also try adding some energy, so that way you are able to level up and create a decent fight record.