Youtube release app for big screen video watching reviews

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Youtube have released a new interface called YouTube XL designed for simple easy viewing of live internet TV and television sets across a hit of devices.
Just a few days after Hulu released their new downloadable desktop natural covering (Hulu on desktop), Google have hit back with a browser based version of the top video site making viewing easier for the TV hungry public.

Viewers can connect their PC, games console or any TV browser to the YouTube XL page. You are presented with a very BIG screen and much simplified controls.
YouTube XL is very similar to its YouTube TV interface that appeared on TV’s and game consoles in the past.
roughly all Youtube’s video content is viewable, although certain rights restrictions keep some of the bounty content being shown.

 One thing is clear though, technophobes will love the simple to use interface making it look more like an ripe TV screen rather than a PC.

In the continuing internet TV wars raging between Google Youtube and Hulu, it looks like Youtube are sounding to take tv streaming international. How you ask? Well, by grabbing the top quality streaming help from the BBC’s iPlayer and rolling it out on the worldwide stage.
CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt is said to be conducting negotiations with the UK broadcaster, the to dispose out an agreement that would have Google’s Youtube in the middle of an iPlayer international roll out.

Of course there is the small matter of licensing issues which need addressing amongst other things.
Another small matter to be addressed include international rights head. These difficulties present significant difficulties and for this reason there are no concrete plans for a specific international BBC iPlayer, but audiences can watch BBC content exterior the UK through various BBC Worldwide content deals with online partners such as iTunes and other tv networks.

A deal with the BBC would be great news for Google in its battle to change the main content on Youtube from funny video shorts to premium online tv content.