The Importance of Web 2.0 to SEO

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Article marketing is the de facto method for improving page rank with the search engines.  Need evidence?  Just look at the huge number of internet marketing tools being promoted.  To try to stay ahead of other sites you now need to investigate using social bookmarking to your SEO plan.

Social bookmarking is when someone Diggs, Reddits or equivalent your site.  The owner of the web 2.0 account is casting their vote with their mouse that your site is worth passing on.  They are telling their friends that they see value in the post.  I can’t get the search engines to admit but if one hundred individuals vote to say they like your site – then they will like your article too!

You can see why the search engine relies on social bookmarking.  Instead of looking at links to see if your site is significant, the voting is done by individuals.  Most social site make changes as frequently as every day to make it as difficult as they can to de-humanize new additions.   The more difficult to robotize – the more likely that a human being did the submission.  And persons voting are what Googles are trying to find.

To be part of the new movement you need to implore your readers to StumbleUpon your article.  Make it as easy as technically possible for them to send your blog post to Twitter or Google Bookmarks.  Insert the gadget in your WordPress site or on your blog site.  And make sure don’t forget to tweet your own posts.  If you write a good story you should tell the world you want them to read it.