Microsoft Removes Restrictions on Visual Studio Express Products

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Microsoft has announced that they will now removed the restrictions on the Visual Studio Express Products. Originally they planned to only let you use the Visual Studio Express line until the end of 2006 when you would need to purchase a license for $49 to continue to use these products for your development purposes. That restriction is no longer there. This is actually pretty cool and I personally think a good move on Microsoft’s part. The Visual Web Developer is the only one of these products I have personally used and it is actually fairly powerful. Most developers of Asp.Net Web Applications can do the majority of tasks they need to perform with this product. While Enterprise level developers will still likely require one of the other versions of Visual Studio.Net most hobby type and novice programmers will be able to utilize one of these free versions for their tasks. You can also use these tools to do some fairly extensive programming tasks and thus make it possible for companies to save money on integrated development software costs.

This will mean more programmers will possibly give the .Net language a chance when other wise they may not, read hard core Java Types. This may be MS’s idea on offering the VS Express line for free and allow it to stay free forever. After all Ms still makes money on the platform every time someone creates an innovative .Net application and putting the tools in the hands of the people who can dream up these innovations.

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