3 SEO Fables

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When dealing with a topic such as search engine optimization, also referred to as SEO, myths are common. One reason for the number of myths is search engines are constantly evolving, requiring new approaches on how to best utilize them. The myths grow due to a lack of rules for how to best rank your site. Search engines keep changing their algorithm from time to time, so it’s your job to stay updated. The only way to do so is to test out various strategies to see what works best.

To help you maximize your site, here is a list of SEO myths.Learn more about SEO Myths Here!

A frequently repeated myth is that your website needs a special page built for SEO purposes in order to rank highly. Any of your pages can be highly ranked by the search engines as long as you use basic SEO principles. There’s no need to create a special landing page for SEO purposes. It’s different with PPC because landing pages are needed there but for organic search listings, they aren’t required. Rather than building a landing page, it’s best to focus on bringing traffic to a regular page on your website. You should focus on optimizing any pages on your site that don’t get enough traffic rather than building new pages. Keep in mind that the only purpose of a landing page is to convert your visitors into customers, not to optimize your site. The next SEO myth to be aware of is that each page should only focus on optimizing one keyword. While there is no merit to this notion of only targeting one phrase on each page, still many website owners and writers of articles on SEO continue to repeat it. It is believed by people who adhere to this strategy that the search engines prefer pages that are very focused. The first reason why this doesn’t make any real sense is that it’s not easy to write a page about just one keyword phrase with a natural flow. In addition, having a page devoted to only one keyword when you could have used several is simply a poor use of space on your site. What do you gain by limiting yourself to one keyword on a page when you could put a number of keywords in the same space? The more keyword phrases you have on your optimized page, the better it is. Do it this way if you want to get more traffic to your site. Traffic usually comes from a variety of different keywords, which you should investigate for your own site by looking at your web analytics. So it’s better for your search engine rank to optimize for multiple phrases.Click Here to get a Free report from AFFILORAMA!

You may also hear about another myth that states that you don’t have to worry about SEO if you are in a market or industry that reaches people in some way other than search engines. As more and more people go online and use the internet, it’s simply not practical to set up a business without thinking about the search engines. Try doing a search for any keywords in your niche and you’ll get an idea of how well the search engines cover a market. No matter what niche you’re in, you have to consider the many millions of people who search on Google and other search engines every day as potential visitors and customers. By studying other sites, you can find practices that do help with search engine optimization and use them for your own site. There is absolutely no way to find the perfect formula to get high search engine rankings, which is why it’s important to keep learning and enhancing your knowledge, so that you aren’t affected by such myths.Learn the truth about SEO Myths Here!


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