5 Qualities You Should Look for When Building Your Network Marketing Inner-Circle

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I honestly believe that the most critical skill a person can develop is leadership.  With leadership you can change the world for the better and without it bad things will occur.

One of the main ideas of leadership is that you need to develop an inner-circle of reliable leaders that you work very closely with.  This is what John Maxwell calls the “Law of the Inner Circle.”

Your inner-circle is absolutely important to your success and the success of your online business.  You need to make sure that the people that are in your inner-circle have several different qualities otherwise they will probably hurt you more than help you.

So what are the characteristics?


According to Maxwell, “Leadership is influence; nothing more, nothing less.” 

If you want to extend your own influence, you need to make sure to draw other leaders to yourself and not only followers.  This will extend your leadership significantly.


Similar to influence, you want someone who is well connected.  This is because what you know isn’t everything.  Usually who you know (or more critically who knows you) can be more important to your success.


Some of the perks of a super inner-circle is that you have a core of people who care about each other and will take care of each other if required.

This does not mean that they are there to give you free handouts.

What it does mean is that you have people who will assist in “propping you up” when you need it.  They will be there to help with the things you are weak in and you can help them too.


You want to make certain that you are surrounded by people that will help you to achieve things that you would otherwise not be able to do alone.

You need people who will not hold you back.

You need people who will push you to push yourself further than you would go alone.


Finally, you need to make certain that the people you surround yourself with, add value to you and the rest of your inner-circle.  If someone is there to hang out and not put in any work, you don’t want them.

You want people who can identify problems and help with fix them using the resources and talent available to the team.

If they can’t, or are not willing, to do that, you do not want that person.

Now I want to give you two fast pieces of advice:

  1. Start developing an inner-circle right now.
  2. Make certain that the people in your inner-circle have the characteristics outlined above.

When you do this you will see spectacular things start happening in your business right away.

As a side note, you may have noticed that first letter of each word above spells the word “Inner.”  That’s because this post will be followed up by a second post with the word “Circle.” So, keep your eyes peeled for rest of the qualities you should be looking for when trying to build your inner-circle.


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