A better understanding of Search Engine Optimization

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S.E.O. in its most simplest form is a number of steps taken to make sure a web site search engine is friendly and make it show up within the search engines. At more advanced levels, S.E.O.  could be performed to let the website have a high rank within the search engines, preferably within the first positions.

It is desirable for a web site to rank highly in the search engines so that it will obtain free traffic from the search engines. This traffic has a lot of value and is relevant due to people arriving from search engines being already interested in whatever they are looking for and will, for sure, go to the site .

These visitors could become long term visitors if the website has good content or become customers if the web site has a desirable service or product.

Today, people use in first internet to find information. The main goal of the search engines is to give relevant search results to users. When a person puts in a search phrase, the search engine will give the most relevant data the person is looking for and that’s why they are relevant visitors.

No one understands for sure how engines rank web pages except for the search engine companies big boss and programmers. Yet, it is fair to deduce that every search engine possesses its own unique algorithm for web site ranking; otherwise all the search engines would be showing the same results.

A lot of specialists confirm that there are a few fundamentals in SEO that could affect how search engines rank a web page -


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- If key words are utilized within the page’s URL

- If key words are utilized within the page’s title

- If key words are utilized within the meta text description

- If key words are utilized within the page’s content

- If key words are utilizing the tag

- How many internal links point to the page

- How many external links point to the page

- If the external pages that link to the page are relevant in subject matter

- If key words utilized to link to the page are relevant

- If the images utilized within the page have alternate text which includes the key words


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