A Few Excellent PlayStation 3 Browser Tips

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The net browser that Sony applied into their new next gen PS3 console was an excellent idea as it provides your console more functionality. There are also lots of concerns from people as to its security and also to its safety for children. It may also be a discomfort as it can take a while to load up pages otherwise you might find that your PlayStation will freeze from time to time due to using it. I have a checklist of suggestions below which may resolve these problems and help you with your browsing.

When you open your browser around the Ps3 it’ll load up the PlayStation home page. The triangle button is the key to your browsing because it holds all your choices inside searching. You are able to add bookmarks to your favourite websites for handier searching and page opening, simply just press the begin button and type in the site’s URL and the site you would like to visit will be displayed. Press the triangle button and choose the bookmarks choice, then choose my bookmarks and then select add to bookmarks. There is a faster option to bookmark though, once your web page opens press the choose button as well as your bookmarks will open, then just add to bookmarks, easy.

You might discover that your PS3 freezes every now and then while web searching or that it is taking quite a while to load up websites, this tip may resolve that problem. Simply click on the triangle button and choose the tools option. Once you have carried out that go down and delete the cookies and delete the cache, this might easy issues out for you personally.

You might also concern for the kid’s security and consoles safety although browsing the web. Sony have provided you with an internet security option. You can get a 90 day free trial of this option and then purchase if you really feel necessary. This safety is from Trend micro and might stop viruses and bugs out of your console, it may also block certain websites from being accessed that you simply do not want your children accessing. To obtain your safety simply click the triangle button, select browser security and then choose Pattern micro for PS3. You are able to then get your 90 day free trial. For this I would recommend studying the terms and conditions and also the FAQs to discover if this is suitable for you.

The PS3 internet browser also has other fantastic options like a history button so that you are able to go back to these previous pages of significance with ease. You may also save particular pictures directly for your HDD by selecting the triangle button, then selecting the file option and then clicking the save picture choice. I am sure you all will concur the web browser addition towards the PS3 is really a great 1 and I hope these suggestions will help your future searching and make it more pleasant.

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