A Friend’s Grand Experiment – Building 10,000 Backlinks!

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A friend of mine just launched a major project to build 10,000 backlinks into a brand new website. She is calling her project, “The Road to 10,000 Backlinks” and is posting progress updates on the her blog for everyone to follow. This is very cool stuff. She actually shares with you every tool she uses and provides you the real result numbers daily. If you are using article marketing to get free organic search traffic to your websites, listen up and learn.

The Set-up

My buddy is a leading MLM mentor and her primary traffic building strategy is article marketing. She built a very cool site for her target market. The website is all about how to generate your own Multi-level Marketing Leads so you never run out of prospects to talk with about your MLM company and you don’t have to purchase leads.

The website has a slick design and is hyper-trageted at a fruitful niche. Only trouble is…the website is BRAND NEW! Where will the traffic come from? The Internet Network Marketing industry is super competitive with lots of great Internet minds employing every traffic generation strategy known to man.


The Tools

My friend demonstrates to you all the tools she utilizes with live screenshots and demonstrations. There is a lot more to article marketing than the writing. It begins with keyword research. Then you must writeand spin articles. After that you must get the content widely distributed. Most of the time actually goes into the distribution not the writing. That’s the missing element most folks don’t get. Purchasing a couple distribution tools to streamline the process is the only way to get solid productivity!


The Kickoff Video

She created this kickoff video on Day 1 to launch the entire project…check it out.



The Results

I’m so excited to observe how she does, I’ll be tracking her results. How long will it take to get to 10,000 backlinks? A year? six months? three months? Less? This will be educational to watch. If she succeeds in building 10,000 backlinks to a brand new website in less than three months, folks will be knocking down her door to learn her methods. I think she is wise to plan ahead for success. By establishing a video log, she’ll have the entire sequence documented and available to share. Now that’s savvy marketing. Let’s send her our well wishes and keep tabs on her progress.





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