Affiliates Should Buy Website Traffic

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There are actually several sites from to buy website traffic. You could possibly evaluate popunders, expired domains, banner adverts or Ppc. For that learner, only one of these will usually produce the goods.

Whilst popunders and expired domain traffic (dressed up under a number of different names!) claim every single child send huge proportions of highly targeted wesbite traffic aimed at your website, generally speaking I’ve never found these to be worth the value. Frequently the campaigns cost more than they return, so think before you buy.

Equally, banner adverts can be quite a nightmare by themselves. Along with a well crafted ad and promotion directed at the banner, sit one on your website and it should earn you a commission. But just drop a banner onto the side of a website and then leave it running and you will, if lucky, see maybe 1% of people who view the banner visiting your website. Then allow for just a couple percent of these clicking on the advertisement and buying and you soon figure out that you might want huge amounts of men and women seeing these banners just to get one sale. You also need to invest time and expense in getting the banner professionally built to really help it become appealing. Another avenue to miss.

The only real paid schemes I recommend would be the paid per click systems. All the main search engines run these, Google, Yahoo and Bing, plus Facebook and other social media are introducing their own services, which can be said to be cheaper and much more effective.

To begin with, subscribe to an account and follow the instructions to build and purchase an advert. It is actually that easy – the owners of the systems have designed it like that purposely! But, here are a few pointers that ought to help to make the adverts more successful.

1) The title line of the advert should be in title case – this implies the first character of every word is in upper case. This is shown to be more effective.

2) The link should go directly to the page that the product is advertised on, not to the home page, unless that’s the relevant page.

3) Create one advert per item. After that you can word the advert to suit the item, plus this enables you to link to the correct page.

4) Buy highly targeted keywords only. General keywords, for example ‘flowers’, might have plenty of traffic, but how much of it is relevant to your product? In case you are promoting red roses bid on ‘dozen red roses’, ‘red rose gifts’ etc. Less traffic, but as they closely match the product they tend to be interested and buy the product in question.

That’s my recommendation for generating regular, steady and targeted website traffic aimed at your website – Ppc. Set up an advert, monitor and amend it and hopefully you will observe plenty of visitors and some affiliate commissions.


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