An Insight Into The Life Of Self-Employed Web Marketer

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A life of a web marketer can be a very relaxing one with the ability to choose your own hours and to work when you want to work. I offer a web promotion service that works and have been since 1999. In this article I am going to describe a typical day that I would have a few years ago(before the wife and kids arrived). I would not change my current life for anything however I do miss those days from the past when life seemed so easy.

It is the year 2000 and I have eight people/companies who I am working for. They have contracted me to promote their websites with the view of gaining a higher search engine ranking position and to increase their overall profits.

I have learnt rather a lot about SEO, webmaster resources and link building services up to this point mainly from reading the views of the established specialists from the industry in the webmaster forums.

I would usually work between 11pm and 3am is this is when my concentration seemed to be at its best.

This would be my typical day:

7am – This is the time that I would normally wake up; I would clean my teeth and go to the toliet before going back to bed.

10am – After an extended “lie in” I would turn on my laptop and the television whilst still in bed. At this stage I am merely going to check my e-mail; the news, the stock market and read through a couple of sites that I like to keep an eye on such as seroundtable.

10.10.30am – It is now time for my breakfast – a nice piece of toast. I think it is time for a chill out, it has after all been a rather busy start to the day!

1pm – I walk to the shops; firstly for some much needed exercise and secondly to buy a newspaper.

2pm – I take a drive to my local tennis club to play a game with a good friend of mine.

6pm – I cook myself a quick meal before watching some more television.

A quick break from the t.v to check my e-mails.v. I speak to a good friend of mine on the telephone who is arranging a service for me where by I will be able to make cheap calls.

11pm – It is time to get to work – to obtain those all important one-way backlinks and to ensure that the clients websites are still positioned/ranked within the top ten of Google for their main keywords.

3.20am – I head off to gain some much deserved sleep.


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