An Internet Marketers Introduction to Offline Marketing Skills

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If you use only the internet for your marketing then you are only seeing part of the picture. In fact, using only online methods to promote your products and services is pretty bad business sense. Yes, it is true that online marketing is faster, cheaper, and easier to track and tweak campaigns; but take a moment and think about all of the potential buyers that you are missing out on by only marketing online.

True marketing includes any advertising channels that can generate leads and buyers at a profit so if you are not including offline marketing then you aren’t doing what real marketers do. Making sales is not an option when it comes to running a business so don’t exclude any marketing opportunities. Why not explore your offline market as well? Now, lets take a look a some of these techniques so you can discover why they are so effective at getting new buyers.

Direct mail is still an advertising technique with huge potential. Direct mail campaigns involve sending out promotional fliers, brochures or letters to people on a mailing list. If you make your own promotional letters or fliers and print them out yourself, you will not have to pay the high cost of having them printed. You can also reduce the cost of postage by using postcards, which are the cheapest type of mail you can send.

If you are looking for good offline customers, try searching for traditional businesses that are in a field that your product or service markets to. You can also send out mail to targeted lists of non-business owners as well. Before you do any direct mail marketing, find out what laws apply about who you are allowed to send mail to.

If you can afford it, television ads are wonderful ways to advertise your business to an offline audience. What better way to reach new clients than to advertise to them while they are sitting captive, with computers nearby to type your URL into? The only obvious downside is that a commercial can be very expensive. If you are selling something that is a good fit for television advertising the you really should do your research and get started with it. Keep in mind that the price is based on the time of day it is ran so you can walk away paying less than you may imagine. Always keep these options about TV advertising in your mind.

Pens are good because they trade so many hands. There are lots of printing houses that will print up hundreds of pens and other writing utensils with your slogan or URL on them. Once you get them start getting rid of them. Give some to the cashier at the grocery store so they can give to people when they need to sign a credit card receipt. Leave some next to the napkins and straws next time you visit a fast food restaurant like McDonald’s. You might even try leaving some at the library or even just handing them out as you walk around. Who wouldn’t accept a free pen!

There is no shortage of ways to advertise your services offline! Make sure you reserve at least some of your marketing dollars for offline marketing methods. The simple fact is that if you limit yourself to only advertising and promoting your business online, you are only going to reach a fraction of your potential audience! There’s no reason to limit the scope of your business. Instead, you should explore all the promotional avenues that are available to you.


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