An Objective Review of Facebook Ad Power

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Faceook PPC is becoming a game-changer for internet marketers. Many internet marketers are finding it harder and harder to keep up with all the rules and complexities of Google Adwords.

Many accounts are being banned outright, and the user often doesn’t even know why. This is the danger that comes from allowing a single company to corner the market on internet advertising the way Google has. Google pretty much rules online advertising like a monarch, making whatever rules it decides to enforce! You do have other choices, of course; Google isn’t the only way to promote your products online.

Some of the fastest growing sites online right now are social networks; advertising on these is a ground floor opportunity in many ways. The purpose of Facebook Ad Power is to present a way to make money advertising online with a service other than Google Adwords.

We tested Facebook Ad Power, and what follows is our review of the course.  So I decided to try advertising both my online dating tips site, and my guitar course blog using Facebook Ads.

One of the very important things that you will learn when you take the Facebook Ad Power course is which types of ads will get approved and which types of ads will be rejected. This can really help you when you are writing your ads. If you aren’t thoroughly familiar with the network you’re advertising with, you can waste many hours writing ads that end up getting rejected. Facebook Ad Power can show you how to write ads that Facebook will accept. Why waste your time and money if doing so can be prevented? Not all landing pages are created equal. The Facebook advertising network actually pays attention to what kind of pages are being advertised and, if the powers that be find your landing page objectionable, your ads will not be approved. Facebook Ad Power will explain to you how to create landing pages that Facebook likes. You will learn both what to do with your landing page and what to avoid. If you pay attention you won’t have to worry about being rejected based on your business’s landing page anymore!

After you try Facebook Ad Power, you may also want to become an affiliate for the program. If you are new to internet marketing you might have just found your very first product! Affiliate marketing can be a profitable way to make money, even if you want to create products of your own in the future.

You simply advertise Facebook Ad Power using your affiliate link, and you make a commission every time someone buys it. There are a great many ways you can advertise this program online, including those given in the course itself!

With Facebook, you have an advertising market that has barely been tapped. Unlike Adwords, you can still advertise with little competition and high conversions. Compared with Google, advertising on Facebook is also very economical. This is why Facebook Ad Power was created: to help internet marketers advertise their business in a popular place but without spending the money that might get spent on a Google campaign. It’s no secret that the creator of Facebook Ad Power is not a fan of Google, but in this case that is a positive thing because it lead to the creation of this fantastic new product!


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