An Objective Review of the SEOPressor Plug-in

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SEOPressor is a new product from Daniel Tan. It’s designed to help you with your website’s SEO. As an internet marketer you know how important it is to have search engine optimization measures in place for your business. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is how you grab the attention of the different search engines so that they will send targeted traffic to your websites and business. After all, if you don’t practice the proper search engine optimization, the major search engines, like Yahoo and Google, won’t notice your site and you won’t be able to get as many sales.

According to SEOPressor’s sales page, this product is very useful and very popular. We figured we’d take a look. What follows is what we learned.

SEOPressor is actually a plug-in for WordPress. It is a straightforward plug in that you will be able to use to increase your business’s SEO efforts. The single most catch is that you can only install it on WordPress. If you do not use WordPress on your websites, the plug-in is useless and you’ll be forced to do your SEO work organically.

The good news for most of you is that, thanks to all of the upgrades done to the most recent release of WordPress, the plug-in’s installation is very easy. Installing it and getting it working only takes a couple of minutes.

One frustrating fact about this plug-in is that there are hardly any reviews about it. You can find many people who will answer specific questions about this plug-in, but there haven’t been many “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” reviews. We found one positive review and three “meh” reviews. This makes it difficult to draw any reliable conclusions on how well it’s performing for customers overall. This is one drawback to it.

The best part about this plug-in, for most internet marketers, is the easy ClickBank integration. There is a space in the plug-in’s back end that asks for your ClickBank ID. It’s a simple matter, then, to make your WordPress blogs optimized for Clickbank sales. No complicated coding to learn. It’s just a matter of plugging in your Clickbank ID. This is a very helpful feature for affiliate marketers. This feature is especially useful for new affiliate marketers who want to sell Clickbank products.

SEOPressor is a very useful tool for marketers who want to ensure their profit margin. This product is developed in the hope that you will use it to increase your SEO efforts and get the search rankings you deserve. It is very important that all internet marketers understand SEO. The more you understand it, the more money you will make. This product is meant to show you just how you can stay on top of the internet marketing game.

Is it worth its asking price? That depends on how much you already know about SEO.

Our team tried it out to see what it can really do. If you are curious about the SEOPressor plug-in, what follows are the conclusions we came to about it. SEOPressor gives you a generous number of ways to make your site better optimized for the search engines. You will have to come up with your own keywords, but once you have them this tool will help you monetize them in several ways. It shows you innovative places to insert your keywords, as with your images and titles, to add to their value. This way your site gets even better rankings results because, even if your audience cannot see them, the keywords are there (and are there legitimately: no black hat tactics here that we could see). When you put your keywords in as alternate text for images, you get more out of them and you don’t have to worry about forcing them into written content.

The back end of this plug-in is really pretty. Whenever you have to insert keywords into a post, you can do this quickly. In this area you can decide how you want your keywords and affiliate links to appear. It isn’t hard to use, once you learn the basics. At first glance, everything is spelled out nicely and all you have to do is play around with it. With a powerful plug-in like this, however, you should be a little cautious, as you don’t want to raise red flags with the search engines by going overboard with your SEO efforts. Anyone who needs help when it comes to using their keywords for SEO will like the way SEOPressor suggests how to make improvements in this area. Knowing where to put your keywords and how many you should include can be tricky. With SEOPressor, you have an automated SEO expert that tells you exactly what you should do to make your posts better optimized for the search engines. This is a great way to get training “on the job” so to speak. Of course, if you already know a fair amount about SEO you might find this feature redundant.

The search engines look at many different things on your site, so there are many different SEO strategies. There are hundreds (at least) of different plug-ins for WordPress, and many of them are designed to help your SEO. Whether or not SEOPressor is a good value for you depends on whether you feel the need for a plug-in with a large number of abilities and features, which this one has. The bottom line is, you should probably purchase this if you want to do a lot of SEO and need some help with it.

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