Benefits of the Internet to Children

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With the increasing number of children interested in the Internet be it for entertainment or e-learning, parents must be concerned about any relevant effects the computer will have on your children. Nowadays, education has taken a turn from the traditional styles to those of e-learning or online education and with popular softwares such as the Internet TV software, which permits children educational programs to be watched on the computer, parents must be concerned about the domineering usage of the computer by their child or children.

This article will examine the benefits of using the Internet by your children and that parents work within the parameters of parental guidance and supervision.

Some obvious advantages of the Internet for children:-

1.  Improved Intellectual and Cognitive Abilites 

Computers are an significant (and virtually unavoidable) part of your child’s life and education. As Disney points out, computers can assist learning in ways that would otherwise be impossible. “I am still extremely excited about what computers will be able to do for us, but you must have an adult structuring and interpreting the results.” A study conducted at Wellesley College shows that children who use computers are academically ahead of their peers who do not. Computers have great potential as educational tools capable of facilitating deeper comprehension of subject matter, increasing proficiency in handling information, and mainstreaming students with special needs; Computers intrigue the children and can draw their full attention, which  implicitly produces deeper focus and concentration.  Many toddlers as young as 1 or 2 begin learning basic computer skills. By the time most kids are in elementary school they have the skills to operate a computer and are hungry to learn more. Further, computers have made homework much easier for children. Computers in school are good because kids can take what the instructor talks about a step further and learn more about the subject. Computers are also helpful when teachers assign essays and the students need to do a lot of research children who worked on a computer performed better on measures of school readiness and cognitive development than the children without computers.

2.  Decreased Time spent in front of the TV 

Studies have also  proven that kids who use computers are  watching much less television. Even in the exceptional cases where they still love watching TV, there are now enthralling softwares such as the Internet TV softwares that  permits tons of children educational TV programs to be streamed onto the computer for exciting and interesting yet educational TV time!

3. Invokes Creativity

There are presently many  enjoyable and interesting online softwares that are designed to invoke creativity in your child. Your child can now learn how to draw and design things on a computer in a fun and exciting way. Computers enable children to learn through creating, just as they gain hands-on knowledge and understanding when they build forts, make up stories, and paint, increase their skills. This will definitely promote the development of the right brain and thus his/her creativity and flair. 

4.  Boost self-confidence and image

Very young children have shown comfort and confidence in using computers. Besides  improving their mobility and sense of dominance, computers can help improve self-esteem.

5. Decreased furiousness

 Quite opposite to the traditional thoughts, computers do not result in increased violence amongst children, if used properly with adult supervision. In fact, it was establish that in classrooms with proportionally fewer computers, pushy behavior may be increased (Clements and Nastasi 1993; Coley, Cradler, and Engel 1997 

From the above, it  can be summarised that computers offer  many wodnerful advantages to young children and their development, and to families as a whole,  Computers can be wonderful, if  adults leverage on them in the most efficient way. Having said that , computers should be in common areas where they are perceptible, with adults nearby to supply  supervision and assistance. So computers are increasingly becoming  an indispensable part of our child’s life and are  definitely gaining popularity with software titles targeting young children continuing to increase.  

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