Buy Targeted Traffic – Forget Annoying & Expensive Pay Per Click Marketing

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Online companies across are chomping at the bits and identifying all sorts of option to bring advertising possibilities to us online marketers.

The most used as expected being Pay per click marketing.

Now Im a huge fan of Pay-per-click but I do think that as marketers we must change with the times.

If you do not find out what PPC is this is a simple explanation…

On this method your ad gets displayed in the serp’s and in a network of web sites and you do not pay unless of course an individual clicks for your ad.

Here is the problem with Pay per click advertising…

Prices have gotten to become a little high as of late, and lets face it not everyone has a few thousand dollars to test a campaign, especially if your in a hyper-competitive market.

That is why many internet marketers have ventured into a lot more imaginative strategies to to buy targeted traffic.

One of several top techniques emerging is PPV (Pay per view) advertising.

With this type of advertising your web site pops right infront of the viewer’s eyes!

You target URL’s instead of keywords, so the website traffic you will get is, i think, is more targeted then that of Adwords.

In addition your bids per view are as low as $.01 Cent.

So 100 views for only a dollar beats Pay per click all day long!

This allows a whole new world for the new and semi-new marketers who don’t have thousands to see if their website will probably convert.

You can test campaigns for $20 instead of $400!

Done correctly PPV can get you the massive targeted website traffic that converts daily, letting you finally make your internet business work profitably.

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