Can Using An Excessive Amount Of Your Laptop Or Computer Cause Heart Problems?

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For today’s economy, the computer has already been a part of our way of life that we can’t forsake. And then for many professionals who have built their professions using computer systems on a regular basis, the very thought of staying away from using their laptop computers on a regular basis is just impossible.

However why would they even consider even trying to make an effort to reduce their contact with the very equipment that give them a full time income? It’s for wellness reasons, and considerable health reasons they are. In recent studies conducted by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, individuals who have careers that require them to be non-active in front of a computer for prolonged hours are more likely to suffer cardiac arrest.

Almost 45% of individuals who have work that entail extended stays of sitting and working in front of a computer have shown symptoms of developing heart problems after submitting to a full health check. A report in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology have shown the study results that was conducted by experts on individuals who spend four or five hours of actively playing computer games or simply doing work in front of a laptop or desktop personal computer that their chances of developing heart issues have gone up as compared to people who rarely use computer systems for their work.

These individuals were then put into a regimen of correct exercise however the tests shows that exercise doesn’t seem to have a major impact on their health. The reason behind this phenomenon was credited by experts to the radiation that was continually exposed to them that emanated from the computer screen. Especially those old and cumbersome computer monitors who have tested out to have extremely high EMF or Electromagnetic fields that can weaken the body’s defence mechanism and effect the central nervous system too with continual exposure.

So if physical exercise seems to be having very little effect, what else can an individual who just cannot stay away from computers due to their work can carry out? One uncommon advice in order to rid of radiation is a simple walk in the seashore or better yet, swim in the ocean. Not even close to just basically to taking pleasure in the view, the ocean produces negative ions that may greatly help launch the positive ions which are in our bodies brought on by radiation from computer systems.

Another excellent alternative approach is to carry on a soup diet once in a while to free our bodies of toxins that can be blocked in our digestive tract. Our large intestines consist of anti bodies that can be stressed due to a poor diet regime.

Cabbage soup in particular has shown to be extremely effective in cleaning the colon since it releases the digestive tract from the tension of eating an unbalanced diet. cabbage soup diet and taking a dip in the sea, methods to reduce heart problems caused by radiation. – soup52e79a6fseoLv


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