China internet rebellion is over

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We all use the Net…

my company  Towing in New York  get most of our work from the internet.

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In china things are different,Drug revolt unexpected the camp in East China Web. Leaders of the revolt: youth age 15-22. The young rebels tied their guide and fled from the camp, because the military discipline regime, Global Times reports the Chinese. 

Young people, who were sent to County C Yangtze River, world “addicted to the Internet”, define 
Chinese establishment – attacked the manual run across them while he slept, tied him to his bed.Escape was successful, but the fugitives had not gone far: Chinese police caught them all. The report said young people had fled because monotonous whose end in “making intensive training” camp. 
Extreme military methods 
The parents of 13 to sell online have already sent their tiddlerren back to rehab after assembling them from the police station where they were held. ”We need to teach them discipline, and help them to have a normal life,” said a staff member and camp response to the incident. ”To do this, we must use military methods – such as intensive touchable training,” he added. 
Web rehab center in China made headlines in August 2009, when two counselors who beat him were sentenced to death after a 15-year-old boy. China there are several web Treatment Centers, whose names often associated with cases of ferocity and death. 
“I do not think that the methods which instructors use problematic. After all, our goal is to help my child,” said Yang Agoiaa, the mother of one of the addicts trapped. She said that her son would move most of the day in front of the screen and spent the past 28 hours without end on a computer game. 
Shock studies in philosophical system 
Chinese company sees the Internet as a valuable tool for many companies – but young people who spend too much time in front of computer games, chatting or watching porn considered deviant norm. Some tend to keep apart myself, to drop out of school and to adopt other behavior patterns of Chinese society as “productive catches.” 

According to data presented by New York Times three years ago the Internet addicts rate was about 13 percent on hundreds of jillions of Internet users in China. 
Meanwhile, the Chinese government has financed dozens of opening such centers nationally.Day of Hengmaalim starting five in the first light or so, they wear camouflage uniforms to a wide formatting Vmucadim training areas which are war games, dramatic art training exercises, survival, and more – along with calligraphy classes (Artistic Writing) and Philosophy Chinese. Camp Drug addicts are one even electric shock treatments. 
Military training designed to harden the addicts, cut them in the virtual world and juncture them to the team of people like them – factors that explain the detox camp.


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