Combining Corporate Events and Social Media

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Business on the face of it is a simple process.  You find a market for a product or service and give them what they want .  However within that simple equation lies the opportunities and pitfalls that can see your business either fly into orbit or bump along the bottom scratching around for new customers.  When you get it right and your business grows never forget to look after your existing customers.  Not just keeping them on your database as a one time customer but getting further sales from them. 

Once a customer has made their first purchase your business has a simple but powerful opportunity that few other businesses take. You begin to build a relationship.  A  long term business relationship .  A relationship that consolidates your company’s position as the only place that that customer ever goes to for that product or service, and even more powerfully they recommend you to those they know.

We are not talking about good after sales support stuff which is obvious and taken for granted.   What you need to be doing is exhibiting regularly those qualities that make you a great partner for that customer, qualities and professionalism that reinforce that trust between you and the customer. Don’t make the mistake that many businesses make where each time they reach out to the customer they are trying to make a sale , often you will be giving them free information and even free consultancy.  Always try go give value that exceeds the price that they have paid.  Do that and more sales will come.

So how does a business go about demonstrating their professionalism and building this relationship? What are these powerful tactics that keep your customers away from the temptation of your competition?

There are many methods and for larger businesses and corporates one proven and very effective tool in cementing business relationships are corporate event days such as a corporate golf event.  Whilst they are looked upon by some as a bit of a cliche do not make the mistake of ignoring them out of hand.  Yes it is an opportunity to do a bit of networking and spending quality time with the client but there are different aspects to these days that you can leverage .  

The design of the day, the run up to the day, the day itself, and the take away from the day must demonstrate how effective your business is .  Your attention to detail, the effortless professionalism and even the promotional golf gifts that you choose as the leaving present will confirm to your customers that they have made the right decision to be doing business with you.  But there is one further thing that many companies have not yet spotted that adds a modern twist to the corporate event day. 

Now that social media like Facebook and Twitter are becoming more important to business.  Online marketing efforts using social media during the whole life cycle of your event can bring extra benefits.  Not only can you get those customers invited to the event to engage with you via the Web 2.0 properties you’ve set up such as Facebook fan pages, Twitter pages, LinkedIn content, but you can at the same time further expose these clients to more of your business via free reports and other high quality content which can strengthen their good opinion of you.  Make sure your social media presence offers lots of value and content and does not directly sell.  Also something even more powerful is they can spread the word on your behalf by sending their contacts to your social content.

If your customers are yet to put their business out into the social media world you might be helping them take the first step .  If they themselves embrace these new marketing tools they can get more sales due to their increased online exposure.  If your customer becomes more successful online you may benefit from more sales from them .

Even once the day is over and the guests have left with their custom golf gifts with your branding and their logo golf umbrellas, they are still connected to you via the social media content you have created.  They could still be receiving information related to the event long after it has finished and it may evenprime the next one.  Certainly an interesting way to make the old business staple of corporate event days into something even more effective.


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