Comparing eReader Devices Before You Buy

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When looking to find an eReader online, reading through an item overview or even a review guide just is not adequate enough. Review articles will usually pay attention to one device. This makes it tough for you to compare and contrast eReader devices.

And so in combination with review guides, I propose that you do even more research by reading through eReader comparison guides and taking advantage of an eReader comparison chart. These types of resources will help you to look at eReading devices side by side so you can assess the benefits and disadvantages of each eReader. By doing this bit of additional homework, you should be even more confident in your choice to pay out $125 or more on an eReader. You’re going to know it’s the best eReader for you.

To help you out with your eReader purchase, I have gone over a list of properties below that I feel you ought to compare from one eReading device to another. They’re qualities in an eReader that I can say from experience will make a difference most to you over the long run.

Five Really Important eReader Characteristics You need to Evaluate

The following are the 5 most important properties that all eReaders (ought to) have. You need to compare and contrast these characteristics from one device to the next to find the best eReader for your needs.

1. The size of the eReader

Size is going to be the width, length and also the weight of the eReader. This needs to be important to you considering that you will want to support the device in 1 (or 2) hands. Therefore the dimensions are going to impact just how comfortable you will be holding the product for longer time periods.  

The most crucial consideration will be the weight. The majority of eReaders weight will vary anywhere from 7 ounces (half a pound) to 16+ ounces (1+ lb .). Personally personally, 12 ounces felt a tad heavy for longer reading sessions.

The length and width need to be compared too. The larger the eReader (height, width, depth), the more difficult the device will be to hang on to in one hand – specially when you think about weight. Additionally, do not forget to take into account the size of the screen. The overall length and width will have a direct effect to how large, or how little, the display screen is on the product.

2. Battery and Memory

The battery life ought to play a role in your decision as it affects the length of time you can use your eReader device between charges. Battery lives will be different; you’ll see them range from as little as a couple of hours to as long as four weeks. Be sure to think about charging times also. Just because an eReader only lasts 8 hours doesn’t make it a lousy device, especially if it can fully charge in a couple of hrs.

Now, the memory of the eReader will determine how many books you can store on the product. eReaders includes integrated memory ranging from 500 MB up to 4GB. This is the equivalent to storing 1,000 to 4,000 ebooks. Several products let you expand the memory space to as many 32GB – this is the equivalent to 50,000 books!

3. Supported Files

Supported files are files that the eReader is capable of analyzing and displaying. This will vary from product to device. Popular files include: AZW, TXT, PDF, AA, AAX, EPUB, PDB, JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP and MP3.

I recommend doing some research first and figuring out just what formats you are likely to use the most. It will be difficult to locate an eReader that supports every available format.  

4. Internet

You’ll need to decide if you want to be able to accessing the net or not. If you do, you’ll need to choose between a device with Wi-Fi only or Wi-Fi+3G. If you want
Wi-Fi only, you will have to be near a wireless connection like at your home or a cafe to access the web. Devices with wi-fi+3G will allow you to access the web from anywhere, a lot like your cellular phone.

5. Features

eReaders come with numerous features. Here are just a few:

•    Lend ebooks to other users. This specific feature enables you to lend ebooks to others using the same manufacturer eReader.

•    Touch and/or color display screen. Touch screens can make it easier to navigate. However, they also have a tendency to make the eReader heavy. Color screens can be nice too, specially if reading kid’s books or magazines.

•    Games. Quite a few products include games to play like chess or sudoku.

•    Some eReaders have the ability to read aloud to you. This is especially beneficial when you would like to continue reading your book but need to drive somewhere. Simply have your eReader read to you.  

Determining What eReader Features Matter Most

It’s very unlikely that you’ll find the “perfect” eReader. So in order to pick one out, you’ll want to decide what features matter most to you and go from there. For instance, you might determine that dimensions are most critical followed by functions and so on. You’ll make your choice using that criteria.

Then once you make your decision, just find the best deal, purchase your eReader and appreciate your favorite book.  


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