Comprehensive Limewire Review — A Limewire Review That You Need To Go Through

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Limewire Review : Look over this before everyone download LimeWire

Downloading content off the internet has just been made easier using the new and improved Limewire that is ads and spyware free.


Limewire is by far one of the most popular p2p programs out there and it succeeded in reaching high popularity among the users due to its clean and easy to use interface.


One of things that people are most attracted by is the interface that the program features, which is just straightforward and looking very easy to use, even if you have never used a PC before. Limewire replaced Napster and it was soon to become the most popular Gnutella client.


And yes, the 4.1 version has brought a lot of changes with it and the first thing that was targeted by the developers was the interface. Now it looks clearer, crisper and you will be able to find your way around it much faster, even if you are a computer noob.


The developers just focused on the file exchanging goal of the program so everything is just straight forward and easy to cope with, for hey, in the end this is just a p2p sharing program that does what it states to do.


One big plus is that the software is written on java and what this means is that any system that will be using java will be able to run it. This means that regardless of the operating system that you will be using (Windows, Mac OSX, UNIX, Solaris, Linux) you will still be able to use no questions asked.


Yes, it is a great advantage that everyone is satisfied with, but you will have to make sure that you have the latest version of Java installed on your machine. Keep in mind though, that at times, this program can be a resource hog.


Limewire is not like any other p2p programs when it comes to one thing: advertisements and adware and spyware. You will never be disturbed or annoyed by anything close to that when you will be looking for your favorite music or movie files.


There have been a lot of improvements that have been made with this latest version and one of the most important ones is that the network performance and the downloading from multiple sources have been tremendously upgraded.


This makes everything go smoother and faster. Downloads will complete faster and when you will be using the search functions, you will also notice that your search results’ speed has increased a lot.


The contents that you can search for include Programs, Audio, Video, Images, Documents.

The thing that limevire is most popular for is the fact that it features no spyware, adware or anything else that will curb your attention from the things that you love most: your files.


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