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Mortgage refinance Do you need to generate mobs of traffic? These days who doesn’t? Competition for traffic is tight and you need to know the secrets on how to play the game and how to generate massive traffic using forums, discussion boards and groups.

It isn’t enough to simply slap together a website and hope for the best. It used to be when the Internet first began and any keyword was hot. Times have changed and if you need traffic, then you need to think smart and go where the people are.

Juegos   The New People
The majority of people on internet marketing forums are those new to the industry. They’re filled with hope that they too will make the vast sums of money the others on the forum claim they’re making (more on them soon) and read with breathless enthusiasm all the tips and insights everyone seems to be so generously sharing. What they don’t realize is that the rest of the forum is made up of the next two groups of people – neither of which deserve much of their attention.

FSBO Put yourself in front of this kind of traffic and you will make money.

That’s right. People congregate at these forums when they have a problem. There is a forum available for just about any topic. Health concerns, money or family problems, you name it – there is a forum out there that people go to.

They love to talk; and you will be highly accepted if you chime right in at their level and offer your valuable advice, without advertising your product right away.

How to set up an effective signature file in an online forum

If you promote an affiliate product (or even your own product) you can just copy the headline from the sales letter and then include a link to that sales letter. Include a call to action like ‘click here’ or you could hyperlink the name of the product and include the headline of the sales letter. If it is your own product you are promoting, use the name of the product hyperlinked. An example of this would be ‘Create your own website for FREE’ and hyperlink this phrase.

If you are an affiliate, you can use a ‘blind’ promotion and not mention the name of the product, a teaser in effect. People are curious and will click on the link just to see what it is all about.

Another thing you can do is set up a landing page and offer a positive review of the product you promote in addition to offering an added bonus for people who purchase through your affiliate link.

An excellent way of marketing is if you have used the product yourself and seen actual results. For example if you are promoting weight loss products or hair products you can put out a statement to the effect these products have had on you.

Something else that can produce excellent results is if you make a special offer for members of each individual forum. For example if you post in a ‘Fat Loss Forum’, you could offer a FREE product ‘For members of the Fat Loss Forum only’ and hyperlink this anchor text to your landing page where they can access the free offer.

Alternatively, you can have several links to several different products and separate each of these with a pipe (l) such as Lose that 10lbs in 7 days l Weight Loss Pills l Easy Workout.

If you have a product in the ‘make money/work from home’ industry, another thing you can do in your signature file is to promote your affiliate programme. Link to a page talking about your product, why it is so good and why others should promote it.

If you want to track how effective your signature files are, you can use a tracking link instead of pointing directly to your landing page. Whilst forum marketing is ‘free’ you do need to put time and effort into it. You also need to know that it pays you enough for your time and if you follow the above, you should get paid more than fairly.

So how do you handle this?

Give, give, and give. Go to the forum and touch people, reach them where they really are at on their problem. Offer value in every post you give and do not add your link until you have built up your credibility.

Take the time to do it properly and you will have people running over each other to get to your link. They will come to you for advice. You will have set yourself up as their expert, their authority figure that really cares about them and is willing to help. That, my friend, is pure gold and worth the time to achieve.

The system:

1. Find a forum, discussion board or group that focuses on the problem you are trying to solve.
2. Join it. Do not add any links to your site.
3. Make valuable posts and let others know you care and are willing to give.
4. Once you feel that you have become an accepted solid member of the group, add your link to your site, but do not advertise it. If you have done everything correctly, you will not need to.

People are going to this forum to look for advice. They really want to click a link in your signature; in fact, they are desperate to. They will click on it and see what you have to offer as long as you don’t tell them to.

Put it in your signature, offer valuable advice and leave your link dangling in front of them. Once they have seen enough of your posts, they won’t be able to stand in any longer and will have to click on it. This is just human nature at it’s best.

But it takes so long!

If you are serious about your business, and are starting it to be a long-lasting income generator, then taking the time to build things up right is the most important thing you can do for your business.

The time you put in now will pay off 10 fold in the years to come. Scammers will come and go, but you will still be around reaping the rewards and building up not only your business, but your integrity as well.

Really, it is you that have to sleep with yourself at night. You have to answer to yourself at the end of the day.

If you are serious about building a long-term business that runs along the same rails as your financial and ethical goals, then there is a lot of money to be made using this system; and this is how to generate massive traffic using forums, discussion boards and groups. By implementing this simple strategy, you will become the go-to person in a group that is begging for answers and the money will flow freely and honestly You can be published without charge. You can to republish this article in your website or blog. Please provide links Active.



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