Conducting a Federal Criminal Background Check

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If you are searching for data on a target person you may be well advised to complete your survey with a full background check. These certainly include pre-employment verification and the like but they also include the need for a full and complete background on a felon or escapee. In addition, if you are tracing a total stranger regarding a fraud or theft charge you would be well advised to complete your search with a Federal Criminal Background Check.

Oftentimes people ask why they should include a Federal Criminal Background Check in their list of searches on a target person.  The reasons are many and they are significant.  If you get back any hits whatsoever on your target person as regards criminal history – even a misdemeanor arrest – you should complete your search with a Federal Criminal Background Check. 

The reason for this is because Federal like Drug-related offenses are the most serious and present the most risk and liability for an employer.  These kinds of flaws in personal background reflect most negatively on potential performance and risk.

Secondly, the Federal and State jurisdictions are segregated.  The Federal and State jurisdictions are each governed by both legislation and policy.  Each State keeps its own records on criminal background on their own computers.   If you conduct a basic criminal background check in Kansas you will not get back any Federal Warrants, Arrests, or Convictions.  Since the Federal charges are typically the most serious it is very important for you to know about them.  

For you to complete this type of criminal background check you will need to get into the Federal databases, and there are more than one.   While they are linked together by basic ID, they are still open to the public.   You might be able to get basic arrest records but to complete the search fully you will need to use the services of a professional people finder organization who knows how to do multiple levels of searches.

Simplicity is the key in regard to how professional search firms conduct these searches.  You simply provide their name, SSN, and address.   If you need to do a separate address search those are easily accomplished and they can often be done by the same firm. 

The professional search team will then search all the related Federal Criminal databases, retrieving anything in regard to the target person and they will deliver back to you a complete dossier on the person with all arrests, convictions and incarcerations.    All that information will add up to completed background check that is total and fully complete.  This will not only allow you to find a person  but to fully check them out and limit your risk and liability.


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