Considering an Online Backup Service?

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Most experts agree that in today’s modern and global world of computers, having a quality backup capability for one’s data is critical.   The protection and security of critical data – and no data is truly valueless – goes without saying in all but the most ill-informed homes and businesses.  This area of the computer industry has evolved significantly in the last several years.  

The most recent advancement is the online backup service.   This is a type of file backup and storage service that once was a simple repository – where you uploaded your files to and from which they could be downloaded if necessary.  These services are now advanced, smart, and interactive information services with highly supported, scalable and selective services that provide levels of data security and safety not available to users in the past.  We are considering in this article their cost versus benefits.

Online data backup and security today means a subscription-based service that actively searches your system and its hard drives to locate target/new data files.  Any file that is new or has been changed since the last review is copied – i.e. uploaded in its entirety.  At the close of that operation, your entire data storage library is itself copied onto portable, hard storage media like zip stick and the like and transported offsite.  Regardless of the casualty that may befall your data or center the data or its twin is available via download.   Even prior versions can, if necessary, be downloaded in addition.

The cost of this type of service, we believe, is miniscule compared to its value and the cost of attempting a recreation of the data involved.  The only local, in your shop, security measure that comes close is the total drive copy function that is provided via a duplicate hard drive.  Unfortunately, no safety is afforded with this strategy.   Safety fails if your PC is stolen or lost in fire or natural disaster.  If you are a service user, your data is both secure and safe.   Is that not worth the cost of a modest monthly service fee. 

Lastly, the nightly scan/upload functions of these services are fast and efficient.   Because of the versioning of impacting only new/updated files this can be accomplished in minutes.

Do not forget, however, to keep your system registry updated no matter which backup you select.  A soundly backed up registry that is choked with corrupt records is worthless.  Search, locate and download a good registry software package that does all the necessary maintenance functions automatically.  They also do the other registry fix functions that accomplish any needed Registry Repair.


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