Could the Answer to your IM problems be KeywordSpy?

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Keyword research is incredibly time consuming. It is the chore that most internet marketers hate the most simply because of the amount of time that it takes. The problem is that, if you want to make a living online and find success with internet marketing, doing keyword research is simply part of the game. The creators of KeywordSpy recognized this problem and made software to help make it all easier. There are all sorts of software programs out there that can look up keywords by popularity. What makes KeywordSpy different? We’ve looked at the program in depth to find out exactly what it can do. That’s where Keyword Spy can help

KeywordSpy is more than just a keyword search tool, as it can also allow you to spy on your competitors. The name, while not all that clever, is descriptive. Along with searching out the hottest keywords for you, it will also search out any sites currently using them. Internet marketers trying to get ahead of tough competition in popular niches could find this tool very helpful. When you already know which sites are doing well and which ones are just starting up, it can be a huge help. This allows them to follow the niche leaders, but also shows them who they need to beat. The point of knowing which sites are dominating your niche can give you an indication of which sites to follow and where to set your own targets.

When you see ads online, you can’t always know whether they are put there by the person who created the product or by affiliates. This is something else KeywordSpy can tell you. If you ever want to easily discover which ads for any item are affiliate ads, KeywordSpy can tell you. This knowledge can be useful to help you plan your own marketing strategy. When you see that a product is being mainly promoted by affiliates, you can go out of your way to create ads that are not your typical affiliate ads, and you can set yourself apart from the competition!

You will actually be able to use the software as a very powerful thesaurus tool. It can be easy to become overwhelmed when trying to choose the right keywords for you business. When you input the keywords you like into KeywordSpy, it will bring up a list of hundreds of other popular keywords that are related to the words you have chosen. This way you can bring diversity to your marketing campaign without having to spend countless hours plugging keyword ideas into search engines to see how well they do. While doing research on keywords takes quite a bit of time and effort, it’s not something any internet marketer can afford to neglect. The keywords you choose are one of the most important factors that determines whether or not you succeed online. Finding these good keywords can take a long time and much costly trial and error experimenting unless you use something like KeywordSpy to make it easier. We tried some tests on KeywordSpy and found that the amount of information we were able to gain in a few hours was equal to what would have taken months without the help of this program. If you want to save time and frustration in your keyword research, you should try KeywordSpy and test it for yourself.

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