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The cPanel is a Unix based software program. It is a control panel that allows hosting companies to achieve a large variety of applications. While private individuals may use this software program, it is essentially a proprietary based software. The meaning of this is that the sotware applications associated with it are better used in the business or commercial realm.

CPanel Web Hosting simplifies the application and running of a eCommerce or business web site. It offers the owner automation, and graphic interfaces that make the configuration of web content easyer and much faster. With its three tiered structure, it has the ability to function as either a dedicated or private server. Primarily accessed on port 2082, it can also be accessed on port 2083 (this latter port is an SSL secure server).

The cPanel is by far one of the most reliable and secure control panels. Its ability to simplify even the most difficult tasks make it one of the best selling web host on the Internet. When applied correctly, the cpanel will allow the web host to generate and modify customer accounts, and to block incoming spam. Another cool application of the cpanel is that it will stamp a customers’ interface with custom logos or branding.

While creating email accounts and installing web applications such as shopping carts and forums is practical, these are not the only functions of the cPanel. This software will enable the host to upload and manage their websites from any computer with internet. It also has a data backup function that will guard the web hosts information even if the web site encounters problems. CPanel also has the ability to not only track customer data, but to also develop statistics concerning the customers visiting the web host site, and tell the host what region they are from.

In terms of how these features boost’ a business’ ROI, that is simple. The cPanel can be used to manage and protect not only the domain name, but also the files of the host. With the spam filtering program, the web host is sure to only have legitimate customers appear on the cookies of the site. CPanel also auto responds to orders and inquiries for the host. This streamlines the whole process of getting the product to the consumer.

The web host will be able to generate more business through the use of the cPanel software. Their ability to reach out to new customers will be enhanced through the simplification of editing and building links on their web site. These links will lead even more people to the content contained within the website.

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