Crucial Guidelines On Outstanding New Online Business Building Systems

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Look out for the new the all-in-one online business building system that delivers state-of-the-art features, services and solutions to today’s serious entrepreneurs. This inclusive solution focuses on four major categories – web hosting, e-mail marketing, lead management and e-commerce.

The web hosting and content management system features an integrated customer database, proprietary software that allows you to edit your pages on-the-fly and the ability to build multiple interactive communities. Readily available dynamic reporting capabilities are included, and this system was specifically designed – from day one, to integrate with Google, Yahoo and Windows Live from an SEO point of view.

Simplicity of operation is the focal point of this system, as any updates or changes to your website development can be done at any time, and to do this you just utilise its no-nonsense WYSIWYG interface. Programming knowledge is not required as you will use a simple module manager to address functionality.No programming knowledge on your part is necessary – it’s just not required, as you’ll be using a simple module manager to access any of the required functions. The template-based architecture provides consistent interface and appearance, and the content approval rules can be quickly be set up for management review.

From a security point of view, member only access areas may be established according to different parameters, and there are comprehensive reporting capabilities, including detailed visitor information, geo-location, keyword productivity checks and the ability to export to a simple interface for further analysis. Complete social networking functionality is readily available. Create any number of forums with great usability and a productive administration interface. Blogging platforms exhibit an almost limitless list of customisable options.

Inside this incredible business building system, the e-commerce functionality provides you with the ability to sell real products or e-products, set custom individual discounts, utilise an integrated customer database which updates continuously in real-time, set a variety of cross and up-sell features, communicate organically with Google, Yahoo and Windows Live and acquire an array of comprehensive reports.

As any good virtual assistants will tell you these days, e-mail marketing now goes beyond traditional methodology. Feedback is critical here, and this system goes beyond the mere reporting of open rates or bounces, and analyzes what actions customers actually take. A key customer report generator helps you to focus on your customer database for better tracking purposes, and your e-mail marketing campaigns may be set up according to a wide variety of parameters.

Emphasising its flexibility, the business building system also allows you to create any number or different types of web applications. Web apps can be created for numerous functions, and various management options exist. Events may be managed and bookings handled through a framework of processes, including the ability to collect payments and send automated confirmations, thereby keeping any virtual assistance services to a minimum.

With an eye firmly on all-important search engine optimisation, this all-in-one business building system integrates with Google, Yahoo and Windows Live site maps on a daily basis. Optimised URLs, catalogue, product and file names are incorporated within its functionality to maximise search engine friendliness. And keep in mind that if you’d like to gain a better understanding of such state-of-the-art online business building systems, an expert virtual assistant is just an email away!

Everyone understands that to make an all-in-one business building system work, it must have almost infinite functionality. Entrepreneurs want to enjoy the benefits of centralisation, but they also want their system to be very user-friendly and not require them to outsource for assistance – just to help them understand how it works. Now, more than ever before, you should set up all your business functions “in one place”, to save yourself time, save yourself money, and save yourself the hassle of dealing with all of those other unrelated companies. Make your move today – one easy to use system, all of your services…


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