Cruise & Diaz Hit Top Gear

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Youtube are no longer content show goofy videos they now want a bigger piece of your TV viewing time in their long term strategy for live internet tv supremacy. The recently launched Leanback gives viewers video streams of their choice, Leanback then mechanically shows similar videos. The more videos you watch, the die Leanback can “predict” what you like. It’s a customizable channel for you.
The term ‘Leanback’ refers to the process of watching tv as opposing to seated on your pc. On the computer, most people sit forward with their faces jam-pawncked into the monitor. TV viewers, on the other hand, like to leanback and nerveless out whilst watching a show. how  you, watching tv on a computer Covert may not be the ideal way to check out Leanback content. Google have already announced GoogleTV which is already looking hungrily at taking viewers from cable and entanglement tv,  and will obviously go hand in hand with the success of Leanback.
But there is plenty of contender for the viewers time. Apple is rumored to be revamping its Apple TV whilst many rivals are also jostling for Web based TV dominance. It could be hard work for YouTube to infiltrate the viewing habits of a nation although. They need to get plenty of long form content for a start. They set out to achieve this by background up strategic deals with content providers of internet tv shows and movies.
My feelings are that with Youtube streaming over a billion videos per day, they are in prime position to take over the market. And any way Youtube can make my potato frame lifestyle less stressful is always welcome.

After a successful appearence in the first serial publication of Family Guy byproduct The Cleveland Show, rapper Kanye West is set to make a sec animated guest star slot in season 2, with his character collected for even hereafter appearances.
The Clevland Show revolves around the new life of mild-mannered Family Guy character Cleveland Brown, as he returns to his hometown of Stoolbend with his shy, weighty son Cleveland Jr, and settles down with an old flame and her children. Kanye West made a guest appearance during season 1 as rap star Kenny West, and ends up in an entertaining ‘rap battle’ with Cleveland Jr, which can be seen in the video below.

 The segmet of the show (which is presented by James May, Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson, on with mysterious test driver ‘The Stig’) known as Star in a sanely Priced Car, sees famed people or celebrities come on the show to attempt a lap time (on the official Top Gear Test Track) in a common car (this series saw the introduction of a new car (the Kia Cee’d) due to overcrowding of the previous two leaderboards).

 After another two weeks, the Hollywood duo appeared on the show together, and Cameron Diaz went top of the leaderboard with a time of 1:45.2, but minutes later, self-declared petrolhead Tom Cruise’s attempt was shown, and it bettered her lap by a second (1:44.2).

Tom said of his achievement: “This is the best day. This was like a vacation.”
Host Jeremy Clarkson added his thoughts on the playing period, stating: “That was a breathless issue.”
It remains to be seen if any other famous challengers could be up to the self-propelling test…
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