Disk Management Becomes Easier By Partition Assistant

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As everyone knows, computer plays more and more important roles in the world, even becomes part of our daily life. Without computer, we can do nothing. What do we do mostly by using computer? Yes! As for us, it is mostly used for storing information, very important information. But, there is just one thing? Where is the information stored? Of course, in the hard disk. Hence, we need know some knowledge about the partition, especially the partition manager so as to fully use our computer.

In terms of the partition management software, the disk drive is classified into a block of disk drive region named disk column. Traditionally, the disk management can be classified into two main parts-the primary partition for installing the operating system and the extension partition. There are no more than 4 primary partitions in the hard disk; when more than 4, the extension partition is needed. However, the extension partition can not be directly used, and needs dividing into the logical partition successively. Accurately, it is not easy for a common user, especially for a person without partition knowledge. Fortunately, the Aomei Technology Co., Limited has launched the product called the Partition Assistant.

The two products can help you realize functions such as: move partition, resize partition, create/delete/format partition, convert file system and so forth. Comparing to other products in the same field like the Partition Manage and the Partition Magic which can deal with the real partition problem of your computer, but the price is too much. Other way you can choose by loading the free version, but your problem is not removed. Once, I entered a data recovery course in a training center. There appears a very surprising thing as follows: the professor expands one of the student’s partitions of the Drive C within two minutes through the special software; all of us feel it is awesome because of its rapid and effective ability of disk partitioning; and the software is called Extend Partition Assistant with lower cost. It is pleasantly to share this budget-friendly software to my acquaintance and their feedbacks are all the A-levels.

Otherwise, the two products are supplied of another advantage of extend partition software with just 3.0MB in size so that your computer resources are taken up less as your program is operated and it can be maintained in a certain corner of your disk for future operations.

If you are interested in the product or you are exhausted by the partition management problem, you could download the free partition manager—Partition Assistant.


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