Do You Know How to Linkbait?

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Linkbait is something that you will often hear from internet marketers. It could be a good thing to some, but not all the time. If you have a blog, read on to find out whether you know how to use linkbait or not.

What is Linkbait?

Linkbait or linkbaiting is all about writing blog posts that will stir people into action and spur a discussion. In the online world, a ‘reaction’ means your website or article will be mentioned and linked to in various places like forums, blogs and even social networks. With the way discussions are done over the internet right now, people do more than just comment on your blog post. They tell people about it by linking to you on their twitter pages, facebook walls, etc. A linkbait is an article or a comment that attracts traffic to your blog.

So, is linkbaiting a good thing?

Whether or not linkbait is good depends on how you use it. If you have a blog that most parents read, talking about a controversial parenting topic is a good linkbait. A bad linkbait is something that puts you in a bad light, like an extremely biased opinion on a controversial topic. Nevertheless, whether something that draws attention of people can be called bad or good linkbait is up for debate.

Linkbait Writing 101

There are certain types of posts or content that seem to attract much linking. Tutorial posts are impressive, especially when the topic is on a new innovation or a freaky invention. New and controversial takes on popular topics are also interesting. “Exposure” articles get people curious but could seriously compromise your credibility.

Inflammatory pieces make very good linkbaits but that doesn’t mean you have to resort to writing these to grab attention. Just look at the way tabloids sell their stories.

If you’re still confused, here’s a rule I use when linkbaiting… never post something that you cannot stand up for.

Use “Link Love” as Linkbait

Have you ever heard of the phrase “link love”? Sometimes, it’s the best form of linkbait around. Linking out to another blogger by reacting to his or her post can be very effective if your intention is to draw attention. Moreover, if the other blogger uses WordPress, your blog post’s URL will instantly appear on the blogger’s website as trackback.

A blog is an interaction with other people. There will be people who will like your blog, there will be people who will hate it, and there are those who are indifferent to things you write. For a blog to be popular, you must command the attention of all these people. Your role as a blogger is to write posts that people will enjoy. Imagine yourself talking to your audience when writing linkbaits.

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