Do Your Adwords Ads Suck? Here Is The Solution

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Writing an effective ad copy for your Google AdWords campaign can be difficult and at the same time it could be a walk in the park. There are several things involved, here, but the main thing is understanding how to write short ad copy. Given below are a few AdWords copy writing tips that you can use right away to see results. Also, remember that reliable hosting is definitely a must have. We recommend BlueHosting, be sure to look at our BlueHost reviews.

For Adwords and other PPC platforms, you have to maintain your awareness about the keywords that each ad is for. It’s really important that your ad speaks the right language for your market. Yes, creativity is an essential element when writing good advertisements, but when you go overboard with it, it can hurt your PPC campaigns. The headline is only to stop the reader, and then make that reader want to read your ad. The SERPs always have a bunch of blue links that are the keywords used in the search. Your ad has enough to worry about with all the blue links and everything else on the first page of the SERPS. Your ad will only have the blue keywords put in from Google if your ad doesn’t contain the keywords the searcher used. If you want the highest quality score possible, then be sure to use your keywords in your ads – that simple. Besides that, the searchers will tend to ignore those ads that do not have the highlighted keywords in their ads. The obvious solution is to use the right keywords maybe a maximum of twice in your ads. The higher you quality score, the lower your CPC, and your CTR will affect your quality score. In any ad you write for PPC, it’s important to offer your strongest benefit of your product or service. You need to show your prospects how and why you’re different from your competitors and what exactly makes your product unique. People respond to advertising in an emotional way because people always buy based on emotions. So first, sit down and figure out all the benefits your product has to offer, or your service. Your ad’s copy must be able to highlight your selling proposition. You must set yourself apart from all the rest out there, and the degree you accomplish that will also determine your success. How well you express the benefits plays a critical role in the entire process which begins with your ad.

No matter what, please test your copy elements because it’s just so important; and always begin A/B split testing your headlines.

Split testing is merely testing one thing against one other thing, and that is what you will do with your headlines. How well you convert is what really matters in the end. Also, your offer needs to be iron clad strong, and that is another area of your sales copy you really should test, too. Just keep in mind that the best and really only way to find out if something is good to do is test it. Last but not the least; with AdWords the way to make your copy effective is by running multiple split tests of your ads. If you get a lot of impressions, then that’s great because you can get a higher sample at a much faster rate for testing.

When you’re in doubt, then the best thing to do is take these ad copy strategies and test them for yourself. But all of this only scratches the surface, and there is much more to learn which is what we’ll always encourage you to do. Last but not least, be sure to look to see if there are any new Blue Host coupon codes.


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