Does Search Engine Optimization Really Work?

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What is SEO and How Can I Benefit From It?

Search engine optimization (a.k.a SEO)  is where an individual optimizes a internet site so it can be viewed and highly ranked by others on the internet.    For example, if somebody searches a specific product or service using any internet search engine  , such search engine will display a list of websites containing relevant information pertaining to the search  .  It is important to the search engines to deliver quality and relevant information to the searcher.   There is a good chance that the individual will move on to another search engine if they can’t find the results they are looking for. 

Google’s market share worldwide is very high. In the United States alone, is it above 60% (as of this writing) and in some countries over 95%.  There is a reason why they have cornered the market and it’s because they deliver quality and relevant information and sites to the end user. 

It’s not just about including the “keyword” within the body text of the website .  In order for Google to provide relevant sites to their end user, there are many strategies that they use to accomplish this. 

For instance, if somebody is searching for an online Internet business, That person is obviously expecting to find online internet business options and sites relating to that topic  .  They word “online internet business” may be within the body of the text, but that doesn’t mean that the website itself is in it’s entirety about that subject  .

There are keyword density’s that need to be considered as well prior to ranking a site high in the search results .  Normally a keyword density between 2% – 4% is within range and not considered “keyword stuffing” .  This crucial step should not be overseen if you want to have a good balance of your keyword.   

Additionally, in order to create credibility of your site in the eyes of Google, you site must be “recommended” by other sites.  These are called “backlinks”.  A backlink is a link on a different site that is within the same topic, pointing to your site.  So the more links pointing to your site, the better.  That means that the more people trust your site, the higher you will be likely to rank on the search results.

There are many strategies to perform backlinks, but the most common ones are:

  • Article writing
  • Video marketing
  • Blog posts
  • Forum posts
  • Press releases
  • Link exchange
  • Social networking

Keep in mind that the order listed doesn’t really mean the order of importance. 

Doing this yourself can be sometimes overwhelming.    A search engine optimization company can help you rank high on all major search engines for a relatively small invesment    One of your best investments you can make for your business is search engine marketing.

San Diego Search Engine Marketing can help you achieve high rankings on all major search engines that will allow increase ROI with highly targeted leads.  Contact San Diego SEO Services today.



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