Don’t Buy Guaranteed Web Site Traffic Until You Read This

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These three methods are made to operate together. Yes, you need to use only One too in the event you so desire, but if they are most effective is when you braid them together right into a tight rope which will constantly generate a deluge of guaranteed web site traffic. Follow them correctly, implement them fully and you may no longer need to buy guaranteed web site traffic.

Technique 1: The Twitter-pated Method

The reason I’ve labeled this the “Twitter-pated Method” happens because whenever you harness the power of Twitter, you will be completely awe struck and “Twitter-pated” having its effectiveness! If you don’t already, create a Twitter account at (and I recommend creating a fresh account for your company promotion–that may demand a new email address). So next, you need to make sure things are completed in your profile page beneath settings. Produce a compelling bio with a proactive approach to visit your web site. Now whenever an individual visits your Twitter page, (and I can’t see any other reason they might besides this), they will click on your link! Alright, that was only the first step.

Next, head to and make an account. This location is awesome; you can send automated tweets to new followers, and in this, you will get it rotate with various greetings, they all along with your weblink in them. Now, every time someone follows you, they’ll get an automatic tweet promoting your organization website!

Next, head to and sign in with your twitter account. This enables you to bulk follow targeted prospects–now remember, if they follow you back (say you followed 500 people) that’s 500 individuals who will dsicover your link! And you may follow 500 people within seconds!!! Go at this for a time, and build-up your following, so eventually you will have thousands of folks that will see each and every tweet you post!

Am i allowed to get a “hurray” for totally free traffic?? Implement this process and– you guessed it, you may not ever need to buy guaranteed web site traffic. On a final note using this method, ensure that you get a Twitter icon to put on your website so people can follow you also.

Technique 2: The Friendly Method

Alright, we’re almost done! Through the end of this, you won’t ever must buy guaranteed web site traffic once again! You understand of Facebook. Who does not? Get a Facebook page for your business, as well as a Facebook fan page for your business. Its easy, only takes just moments and before very long, you will end up willing to start getting tons of fans and friends of the business. Once you’ve done this, you’ll want to do what you must have done with Twitter– get yourself a Facebook icon to you should get some site so people can befriend you.

Technique 3: RSS Madness!!

As well as seen the “RSS” option on your website or blog? Well, you will need one. Believe me. With this method, just follow along. You will get it. Instead of planning on buying guaranteed web visitors, all you must do is to establish a witty stream, to get your content promoted and out there! First, you need to search for a website called! Alright, here, you just enter the url of your website and Feedburner will create an RSS feed for your website or blog’s content. (By the way, RSS stands for “real simple syndication.”)

Now that you’ve an RSS feed, you are able to plug it into your social networks which we setup previously, so that anytime content is updated on your website, all your social networks are notified, then all the friends and followers you have will see your update, driving hundreds if not thousands of people within moments of updating your website! Alright, we’re done!! Now you’ve got a simple, 3 part system that will automatically start driving tons of people to your website quickly. Get to it! If at first, nothing happens, keep trying, since this is by far the simplest way to prevent the “buy guaranteed web site traffic” and get guaranteed free web site traffic!


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