Essential Components of A Landing Page Design

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Having the proper landing page design could be the difference between a sale made and a lost sale. If you have a distracting web site design, your visitor will simply become overwhelmed and run off without clicking your affiliate link and making a purchase. You need to find the perfect balance between beauty and effectiveness.

A good landing page design should be simple to navigate through. If your visitor can’t navigate through your web site, they will be trapped on that single page. While that single page is probably the page you would like them to read to convert them into consumers, it simply may not be enough for them. You need to make available a navigation menu where they could locate an FAQ page, a Contact Page, a Testimonials Page, an Articles Page and your Home Page link. Ideally you should incorporate your affiliate link in the menu as well.

A pattern that I see recently is that individuals are turning to blogs in order to presell the visitors. I really dislike this and the reason is that an individual visits a blog to simply read blog posts. These are people typically in search of free stuff. The home page of those blogs usually are just made up of the latest blog posts. So there isn’t any warming up or pre-selling of the visitor on there. Ideally, you want your home page to be a powerful focal point where the reader’s interest is captured right away. So, on your home page, you should have the presell copy where you will warm up the reader to the product you happen to be marketing.

Note, I said presell and not sell. A good affiliate will warm up the visitors so that they become interested and want to find out more of the product you’re marketing. I have seen that lots of people go about the wrong way to preselling the visitors and do a hard sell and tell them that this is what they must have to repair their trouble. Of course, it sounds like that is the best technique to go about warming up a visitor. Although, the best way is to connect with the reader. If you are able to relate to the visitor in the landing page design, you’ll secure their trust a lot better than straight selling.

As you are able to observe, the best affiliate website must relate to the visitor and warm them up to the product you are pitching. Once you do that, then they will much more likely click your affiliate link, read the vendor’s page and buy the product.


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