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Marketers submit articles for free but they also make use of paid article distribution in order to increase business exposure. Article directories and submission services fall in two different categories: fee-based and free, and web developers make choices depending on budget and immediate needs. Many people prefer to submit articles for free in enzines and various other web locations that are free to operate. The distribution occurs immediately without editorial approval for some of these services.

Branding, business exposure and traffic increase represent the main objectives when you submit articles for free. The chance to submit articles for free is an opportunity to keep costs low. In fact I suggest that you browse the Internet and find the best free article directories and submission services to work with. Free publication has so many advantages, and your business name will be promoted by whole teams of people. This is what publishers and editors do. They help marketers make a name in the field, build reputation and gain customers’ trust.


Only valuable, original materials are approved for distribution on the world wide web. As long as you provide quality in the written material you can be really successful at article submission. Of course, nothing stops you from submitting content to paid directories, but that is a choice you need to make yourself, based on budget, business conditions, business goals and vision. Most paid submission services are highly profitable and popular, which only only speaks of their efficiency.

Even if you prefer to submit articles for free you should not neglect the importance of paid services.  It is a good idea to check the options you have in terms of submission before getting to work. You may not afford to work with paid article directories in the beginning but as your business grows things will change. For reaching superior business levels online, you may need to turn to paid submission services as well.

Time and effort are required for free submission. If you use an article submitter, things could be easier, but you still need to fill in the registration forms required for account creation. If you haveaccounts with 20 major article directories, you can regularly submit materials to those and thus grow your online business.


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