Guide for Hard Drive Partition in Windows Platform

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Hard disk, on what the disk partition is known as a memory space, can be divided into multiple partitions in existent Windows OS. By the way, it incisesdivisers a holistic disk into numeral partitions, storing classified data and various partitions on it can read the data more effectively. Damaged data partition would not be destroyed and reinstalled when Windows system went wrong, but the OS partition no good luck.

A Hard diskHD may be split into multiple for smaller cluster sizes by a part of usersclients. The sense to do so is that a file (only require 2KB to store) with one word in a large partition (has a cluster size of 64KB) occupy all the 64KB of space on the disk, so it’s better to save a large number of small files.

With the diskpart.exe command, you can do partition operation. As graphical tools in many operating systems, Partition Assistant does the same things. As a free partition manager, it can move a partition and resize partition to chang the size of the partition to optimize disk space usage more than only partition on a disk.

Following: Disk Partition Related Glossary

Primary Partition and Active Partition:

An active partition exists in primary partition which installed theOS and in which exist four at most on one hard disk. So an active partition could create from each of the 4 primary partitions. One of the partitions with a different operation system installed from other 3 primary partitions can be marked active and used for the initial booting, including a boot loader to load OS from a disk. You can try Partition Assistant to primary partition and active partition.

Extended Partition and Logical Partition:

The primary can be created to four maximum at most, we need break the limitation of 4 partitions to extended the partition in which to create many logical partitions. Unlike logical partitions and primary partition store data, the extended partition is designed to hold logical partitions; meanwhile, one extended partition exists on a disk. Partition assistant is such a Partition Manager for extended partition and logical partitions.

Partition Table:

When you opration like create/delete/resize in partitions that will rewrite the partition table to reflect the changes doubtless. You’ll realize the table extremely important when your partition lost because of virulent partition table.


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